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Dreams can come true

I’ve been celebrating Leicester goals and results more than my own team in recent weeks. It wasn’t hard to be fair, but I think we can all join in the celebrations tonight as Leicester are crowned Premier League Champions. Champions, for real, and I really don’t think anything is comparable in world sports to what the Foxes have just achieved.

Leicester have truly resuscitated our dreams. I know Chelsea, Man City, Man U fans et al are all happy for them as well, but that’s mostly because of an ‘anyone but them’ wish but for fans of football club’s like ours, it is what we all go to football for. The hope, the fairytale, the slightest improbable chance that one day Charlton, or Cardiff, or Crewe, or Cheltenham might just do what Leicester have just done. Sport is the impossible, football is the impossible and Leicester City have just kept those dreams alive.

Sky, the Premier League and modern football have stamped on the head of those dreams, but when I was a kid there was regularly a Forest, an Ipswich, a Swansea, a Wimbledon or a Watford. Heck back in the 1930’s some little club from South East London upset the apple cart.

English football tonight has returned to the 70’s, the game at Stamford Bridge even resembled a game from a muddy 1970 local kick ’em up-in-the-air derby. Congratulations to Leicester City, their charismatic manager, and all of their supporters and once the beer has been drunk and the Walkers run out, I hope you come back and laugh in the faces next season of all of those that are already saying it was a one-season-wonder. Why should it be, unless Spurs can get it right next season of course. My money is on Stoke!

I was going to sign off there because it really is such a feel good story, but in my heart I am not at all jealous, but I am sad. Look at us. The football club that we love. What the f— have they done to us? Leicester were the team we finished 3 points behind under Chris Powell in 2013. That’s 3 years ago. We beat them twice!

It is the beauty of football I know, but Duchatelet and Meire have killed our hope, our dreams, our aspirations.

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  1. DarrzzettBum #

    Really happy for the Foxes, celebrated that Hazard goal last night as if it were one of our lads tucking it away, that was the best TV live match I have seen for many a year, a “propa game” with two very committed teams. Where the hell has Hazard been all season?

    My wife’s family are all from Leicester & I have seen a few games against us & others, with my (now gone) Father in law and best mate Brother in law. We always seemed to beat them, be it Upton Park or the Valley + a couple at Filbert St and latterly the Walkers stadium.

    Very glad as well for Burnley getting promotion, a well run club, no superstars and a bloody good manager. Wonder what their odds will be next season for a top 4 finish?

    As you say dreams can come true and we were in one hell of a pickle back in the eighties, so where there is life……………………………………………

    May 3, 2016
  2. JH #

    I watched the Chelsea v Tottenham on Sky. The punditry was provided by none other than Scott Parker.
    Parker was banging on about how important team spirit was and how magnificent and unparalleled Leicester’s achievement was and how it gave hope to every team in the premiership.
    All I could thing of was – can’t you see the irony, you little sod? – 2003/4 season we were doing a Leicester, beating the likes of Tottenham/Liverpool/Chelsea – playing great football and pushing for a Champions League spot – then in January SP jumps ship for and the momentum and the moment is lost.
    That was when I and I imagine many others including Curbishley resigned ourselves to the sad truth that a team like Charlton could never compete with the elite (mega rich) teams.

    Leicester thank goodness have proved us wrong.
    Congratulations to Leicester

    May 3, 2016

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