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Give us yer money

Roland Duchatelet is going to get none of my money, at least, up front, this summer. Whether that is tickets or sponsorship. It is a personal thing, I understand that. Some Addicks plan their whole week, often with family, around a 90 minute escape on a Saturday. Others like or need the quotidian ritual of having the same seat surrounded by longstanding mates. I don’t of course because I live here. So I am not going to ram boycotting down anyone’s throats. It is a personal decision.

However for the sake of £25, I would implore fans to wait. Cash flow particularly unencumbered cash is vital to any business, even to a multi-millionaire. Word is that season tickets numbers are way down, although these last few days before the initial deadline is traditionally the busiest.

The club reminded supporters of the deadline today and that they will release seats after that. That would be bad business but I reckon a ploy by the club to force supporters’ hands. Our league position alone should mean a more compliant approach. But, hey get in quick before all of those 3,400 seats sell out in the North Lower.

On the other hand giving these delinquents any of my money really sticks in my throat. They blame us for failure, tell us not to expect success and think we’re weird.

Whatever your view, what I don’t want to see and camel-riding certain Meire does, is bickering amongst the fanbase. Name calling, shouts of disloyalty from both sides of the fence, the non-renewers and renewers. Stick together, let us not fracture. That is exactly what they want.

Relegation, which can’t be confirmed this weekend whatever we do, will spell even more breaking up of the team than normal under the Belgian’s stewardship. Although those visionaries in charge did go to town with long term contracts last summer. Would they have relegation clauses in them I wonder? Remember Roly doesn’t do failure and is not even planning for relegation.

Who knows what debris we wll be left with. If Duchatelet is forced out then that debris, we know, can be rebuilt. If he’s still spouting his arrogant tosh and looking to cut corners, and follow his historical transfer policy, then we will be supporting a pile of rubble.

Of course I would watch you play on Blackheath if you were wearing a Charlton shirt. No nipping over to the Olympic Stadium for me, but I am expecting no positive signs of a better future anytime soon.

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  1. Correction my fellow supporter it is the lower seats that are reduced my family and myself are being tossed this way and that at this very moment. We are in the minority who want to watch the Addicks but are being forced out because of their pricing issues. The upper North has become too dear. However we just can’t move to cheaper seats because of the holding policy. Come Saturday our original seats will go up by £25 which makes them even more unattractive. Catch 22

    April 14, 2016
  2. Wyn Grant #

    It’s not so much the £25 that is influencing supporters as concern about losing a seat with friends. There has already been plenty of bickering and name calling.

    April 14, 2016
  3. Chris #

    Whatever the end of season brings….(I fear it’s relegation), I’ll still attend games as Charlton is in my blood since 1967 and its not about what league your in….it’s about an affinity with the club.
    We are all aware that players loyalty to the club is always in question, especially if you’ve not come through the Academy system. I hope that younger players will be given a chance, but we will need some experienced players if we are serious about bouncing back.
    We do need a new manager who has league experience…..look at Neil Warnock’s’ achievement !!!
    What does concern me is the possible loss of experienced and motivated staff if cost cutting continues, people who have given 100+% over the years and due to the miss-management
    of our club. Already we have witnessed a steady loss of both playing staff and ground staff in recent months, how can you replace experience and quality ???

    People like Derek Hales, Colin Powell, Keith Peacock,Scott Minto, Curbs, Peter Varney, and many others must be shaking their heads in disbelief at the situation at present…

    April 14, 2016
  4. Richard #

    I’m in absolute bloody turmoil over this bloody season ticket thing.

    April 14, 2016
  5. Mark #

    Richard, the answer is relatively simple – do you want to give succour and financial support to the regime that is slowly killing our club or do you want to save £25 by holding off on your purchase for a few months?
    By delaying your purchase you will be able to view the recruitment policy of the club during the summer months – which will no doubt be over-seen by Katrien as she has already taken her summer holiday out in the Gulf. After watching what I fear will be another farce as players continue to be recruited from the Belgian 2nd & 3rd divisions on 5 year contracts you may well decide that your money will be better served remaining in your bank account…

    I personally am not holding off – I’m holding out and am boycotting attending any further games at the Valley until such time as the regime packs their bags and goes off back to Belgium (hopefully taking Judas with them…) OR RD has a complete change of view and employs a British manager who understands what it takes to get out of division 1 (Sir Chris remains available!) with a team of largely British players around him as happened four years ago AND he gets rid of his female mini-me.
    Sadly I do fear that I am in for a long exile – though I will always support the club I can no longer support the regime by giving them a penny of my hard-earned money… my attendance at games will sadly be limited to away games.

    April 14, 2016
  6. JH #

    I’ll be renewing mine – primarily, as Wyn points out, so that I can sit among familiar faces and follow familiar patterns.

    My motives for going to football are rather mundane and selfish. I ‘m not really interested in the back room politics of the running of the club. I just want continue my personal tradition of trekking down to the valley every other Saturday afternoon to derive whatever enjoyment is to be had by watching the team I support win, lose or draw regardless of who’s in charge….. and to do this in a rancour-free atmosphere – without being cowed or bullied.

    I still can’t grasp the logic of how weakening the club will make it a better place and a more enticing proposition to a potential buyer.

    To me it’s a bit like someone who beats their children and says that they are doing it out of love, to make them stronger people – or people booing the players as a way of motivating them? – just doesn’t make sense.

    My reason for not going and renewing would not be out of any protest at the way the club is being run, but rather because the atmosphere becomes so nasty that there would be no enjoyment in going to the match….but for me it hasn’t got to that stage yet, so will be giving it another year and hopefully a few more after that as well.

    April 14, 2016
    • It hasn’t been nasty at all, not like it is starting to at Villa, where individual players are getting picked out. They hardly deserve it but The Valley still has a ‘support the team not the regime’ atmosphere. Now if we are in the lower half next season, expect that to change.

      JH – I think you are in the majority, that most Addicks and football fans in general are not interested in the politics of the off field activities. However that changed at the turn of the year at Charlton when the normal fan, young and old, could see clearly what Meire and Duchatelet are doing to OUR club.

      You still may not be that bothered, but when it starts to affect what happens during the 90 minutes, then it should affect everyone. For all the rubbish and bile those two and Murray have spouted in the last 3 years, the league table is tangible evidence of an absolute failure across the whole spectrum of the club.

      I understand your position JH, I do. But I’m old enough to remember Michael Gliksten, Mark Hulyer and John Fryer. I ain’t going there again.

      April 14, 2016
      • JH #

        “It hasn’t been nasty at all” – I’m not so sure about that – the least you can say is that it’s been a bit prickly.

        And I don’t know CA – we’ve been pretty rubbish for a number of years now (not just the last 3) and under different owners.

        There seems to be a lot of misinformation about a conspiracy by the present owners to run the club down so that they can build flats etc. I can’t see that – my feeling is that they have just been a bit crap – but then so have the players, the managers and dare I say the fans!! – no one has covered themselves in glory this season.

        I’d be happy to see new owners at the helm steering the club in the right direction – but can’t see how making the club (even more) unprofitable, unmanageable and the matchday experience unpleasant is going to achieve this aim. I fear it might have just the opposite effect.

        Anyway we’ve discussed this all before and there always will be lots of different perspectives – it takes all sorts to make the world go round etc ….

        April 14, 2016
        • It does JH and when all said and done, we are all Addicks 🙂

          April 14, 2016
  7. John Meers #

    Thanks for the post always read your blog first class but I’m sorry while those muppets are in control I cannot go but will always love my team .




    April 14, 2016
    • Thanks John. I wonder how many fans are actually boycotting? I know of a fair number from a straw poll of friends, family, this blog and social media. SLP estimated today that the total season ticket holder count could be circa 5,000. That has to be the lowest since before pre-1992.

      April 14, 2016
  8. Sam lloyd #

    A real tough one for me as I’ve ALWAYS gone to football with my Dad #tradition

    However I will NOT be renewing my season ticket until the very last moment & therefore RD can stick his £25 where the sun don’t shine.

    The CARD protests are my incentive for renewing in the hope that one day, in the not too distant future “they” will get out of “our” club. #WeWantOurCharltonBack

    April 15, 2016
  9. LP #

    I have no intention of giving up my club and i will get a season ticket again immediately they are gone. I sent my season ticket back once before when we left the valley but i could,t stop myself supporting them. Those of you willing to watch the rubbish we are being served up by players who stay 5 minutes under a ridiculous regime good for you. I just can’t do nothing about it and let others do it for me. We wouldn’t have a valley to go to if it wasn’t for the fans willing to get off their backsides and fight.

    April 16, 2016

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