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What happened – the first in a long series

Johann Berg Gudmundsson will be the lowest league ranked player in the Icelandic squad at this summer’s Euro’s but will be expected to play an important role for the Strákarnir okkar playing at their first major finals. Fortunately for JBG miscellaneous Albanian’s and Northern Irishmen will not make him the lowest levelled player in France, but it is further evidence of how a season that could have showed so much promise for Charlton has been nothing short of a disaster.

When Johann signed his new contract extension in June last year Guy Luzon said that “it shows that Gudmundsson believed in what we are trying to achieve here.” JBG himself tweeted that he was “hopeful we can make some history in the coming years.” 

History indeed. Thanks Roland. Yet the players have to still carry some of the blame. JBG won his 44th cap the other night for Iceland. Reza Ghoochannejhad is Iran’s current top scorer but wasn’t required as the Iranian’s beat India 4-0 and remain well on course to qualify for Reza’s second World Cup Finals.  

Injuries have deprived us of the much missed Ahmed Kashi and Igor Vetokele. Just prior to his move to London Kashi impressively broke into the Algerian side and would almost certainly been involved with their World Cup qualification campaign. Vetokele has played numerous times for Angola as an Addick. Whether he will ever recover to full fitness has been one of this season’s many unknowns. 

Up until he appeared in SE7 Zakarya Bergdic was a regular in the Moroccan national team. He’s not had a sniff since. Morgan Fox was in the Wales squad earlier in the season and Tony Watt made his Scottish debut last week, whilst as a Blackburn Rovers player. A better season may have seen Stephen Henderson get a place on the Republic’s plane to France. Now we don’t know if he has a case of the worst dead leg ever known or has fallen out with the coaching staff. 

Alou Diarra and Rod Fanni have 50 French caps between them and loanee Yun Suk-Young played in each one of South Korea’s Brazil World Cup Finals in 2014. 

Simon Makienok had played 6 times for Denmark before his season loan move to The Valley. He would’ve hoped to add to that with an impressive season in The Championship behind him. Almost funny isn’t it?

Add to this a host of young players with caps at junior level. What the hell went wrong? 

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  1. Mark #

    What the Hell went wrong CA?

    You don’t need me to tell you – but for the benefit of the few that still cannot see the wood for the trees (and yes, that includes you a2c…!)

    1. The megalomaniac owner entrenching his position
    2. The owners’ total lack of understanding of the requirements of the Championship
    3. The owner thinking that he can manage the club better than football professionals can
    4. The continuing employment of under-qualified (in footballing terms) foreign managers/coaches whose sole qualification is the willingness to acquiesce to every whim of the owner
    5. The loss of much of the club’s back-room staff
    6. Bringing into the club players who are not of Championship standard – who lack both technical ability as well as the physical and mental strength that the League requires.
    7. Using young Academy players as full time squad members with the risk of injury and burning out instead of introducing them gradually for the benefit of both the individual and the squad.
    8. Alienating the club’s core support through the continued employment of a Chief Executive who shares the owners ignorance of the requirements of the job, as well as the history and ethos of the club and the place of “supporters” within that ethos.
    9. The owner failing to communicate or have any form of relationship with the club’s supporters.
    10. The owner admitting to having made mistakes in the past – but then continues to make the same mistakes over and over again…. proof that his words are hollow but his deeds speak volumes.

    I could go on …. but those are the core reasons.

    As for the future – I fear for it…. I can see the club being run down further to justify the owners’ aim that the Valley is too large for such a small club and that it should move to a smaller ground whilst re-developing the Valley and making the fortune that his small original investment was designed to achieve. Sadly I can see no other logical explanation as to why he would put his original ‘stake’ at risk….

    March 27, 2016
    • SLC Addick #

      Perhaps a detail but couldn’t we just refer to under qualified managers/coaches who happen to be foreign? Being foreign is no disqualification as far as competence is concerned.

      March 27, 2016
  2. I think its fair to say that whatever RD’s intentions. he will not get any more out of ‘planning’ on the hallowed turf than the Gliksten family did all those years ago. That does not excuse whats happening all around the club.
    Like most I am Charlton through and through, I wont be going down the road to watch Worthing, Brighton or even a cheap offer to watch West Ham, unlike many I have deludedly signed up on ‘cheap seats’ for another season, but will take stock come this time 2017!!

    March 27, 2016
    • Sussexmick – Can I ask you why you bought a season ticket so early?

      March 27, 2016
  3. Mark #

    SLC Addick – appreciate your point of view but the club have suffered in the last two years from a swathe of under-qualified managers who are mainly from Belgium and who have very little experience or understanding of the demands and challenges of the Championship.

    It is one of, if not the, most demanding second tier leagues in world football. It is because the likes of Luzon, Peeters, Freye and yes…. even Jose Riga are not British it has been clear to me that they do not understand the division, largely have little tactical awareness and mostly have not had a plan B to be able to cope with the problems that they have encountered.
    They may well be good managers in the Belgian 2nd or 3rd divisions but they are simply not good enough for the Championship.

    As an example I offer the likes of Mick McCarthy and Neil Warnock – the former invariably plans well for Ipswich’s matches, he knows the opposition and he has a plan B and C up his sleeve. The latter is similar in nature but is also a man-manager and motivator and he has turned Rotherham around in the last few games to the degree that it is they, not Charlton, who seem destined to finish 4th from bottom…. and even beat McCarthy’s Ipswich on their own turf last week.
    Compare those two to the occupants of the Charlton post since Sir Chris was ousted ….
    I’m not anti foreign managers per se – I treasure the memory of watching teams managed by Johan Cruyff, the early days of Arsene Wenger at Arsenal and the adventurous style of Leicester under Claudio Ranieri today…. it is just that Duchatelet has brought in managers whose prime qualification seems to have been that he has seen them as supportive of his style of running our once great club – and once they saw through him, disagreed with him or simply couldn’t get enough out of the players that the owner/Chief Executive single-handedly brought in they were booted out.
    It is a sad coincidence that they were all from over the Channel – and given the basket case that Charlton have become I cannot see a British manager that would be prepared to come and work at the club under the present ownership. Malkie Mackay must be thanking his lucky stars that his approach was spurned earlier this season!

    Sussex Mick – I hope that your view of the planning process is right, no doubt Greenwich Council would oppose any redevelopment of the Valley.
    However, the appeal process would no doubt be used by the regime and at that level anything could happen as that process is largely unaccountable and through experience tends to take a wider view than local Councils or individual objectors and supports the money more than logical and detailed objections.

    March 27, 2016
  4. Big Pete #

    @CA – On “Paper” or In “theory” the wonderous lands where things work, we have the players to be doing much better thann we are. The problem is too many of them seem unable to avoid injury or are being played out of position, to have the impact desired.

    @mark – I agree almost entireley. The only issue i have is with the forgien in point 4 there are many forgien managers that have done well in the championship, Slaviša Jokanović, Uwe Rösler, Aitor Karanka, Roberto Martínez, Gus Poyet; but admittedly the most part of them have been home nationals, but there are a good few bad apples among them. The important thing is someone who understands the division and its intricacies.
    I have been saying since the start of this season that i can quite see us being in league 2 before the new training ground is completed and we start to see the benefit; the money would be better spent on the squad.
    From my point of view, the issues all stem from the board room and the man at the top has to take the brunt of it. I know he was hailed as saviour when he brought to an end the Jiminez/slater years, but it goes to show, better the devil you know….
    With the club in the situation its in I dont see any players, let alone mangers of any nationality wanting to come, hence the issues getting recruits in january and in the loan window.
    The issues with the ground and RD seeing return on his investment, with the club owing starprix 46million (as per the last financials published, probably in excess of 50) at 3% and the valley worth 40.1m even if he realised the full value, he’d be lucky to get his money back.
    In terms of re-developing the site, i believe there is some sort of covenant on the deed now, that gives the fans some say, but i may be wrong and if push comes to shove, we can always reserect the Valley Party.

    For my part, the state of open revolt between the fans and the Board is a last resort as CAST have always said, they have been trying to get an open dialogue with the board since RD took over, and have tried many avenues to get to this solution, but all have failed, so now we must address it in the only way we have left and hope that either RD sees the error of his ways and fixes what is wrong, or the atmosphere becomes so hostile that he cuts his losses and runs.

    March 29, 2016

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