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Meet & greet at Sparrows Lane

Addicks’ fans took to Sparrows Lane this morning to greet club sponsors and business partners invited by Katrien Meire to give them a tour of the training ground followed by a trip to The Valley in an effort to convince them to renew their corporate packages next season.

It is understood that around 20 different entities were originally invited, although one, Data Techniques, who have made their feelings very clear towards to the owner and CEO, were uninvited. How you can pay £10,000 for an executive box and be treated with such disdain because you disagree with the running of the club is shameful.

The Coalition Against Roland Duchatelet (CARD) asked for Charlton fans to show up at the gates of Sparrows Lane this morning to show their dissatisfaction of the owner and his puppets and at the same time attempt to convince companies to disassociate themselves from the toxic brand that has become Charlton Athletic.

An ordinary Thursday weekday morning would have seen one man walking his dog strolling past the bright red gates of Charlton’s training complex but this morning more than 40 fans, one dressed as a rat, armed with banners and a mobile billboard (photo) greeted Katrien Meire and weasel looking COO Tony Keohane plus coaching staff amongst others.

The wait went on for the sponsors to show up, but at last count only four did, two of whom only accepted the invite to demand answers about how the club is being run. Meanwhile security was called, and the protestors, admirably behaved, are being filmed by stewards at the request of Keohane.

At The Valley, where this little party is meant to be heading, the gates have been closed and security called.

This is has been a terrific and innovative effort by CARD and well done to all of those Addicks stood outside Sparrows Lane. I applaud you.


UPDATE: Andrew Sykes has said that they will not be renewing their sponsorship next season and the University of Greenwich was one of the sponsors who failed to show up to the the event today.

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  1. ExpatCyp #

    Well RD and KM….life is like a box of (Belgian ?) chocolates….you never know what you will get next !

    As for the filming….it’s a tad Orwellian isn’t it ?

    March 24, 2016
  2. Valleymick #

    The filming is designed to designed to intimidate. Pretty routine under this owner and shows just how far we’ve strayed from traditional Charlton values. As we know this is a sick club, trading under a toxic brand lead by execs and an owner that doesn’t under the club, it’s fans, or English football.

    March 24, 2016
  3. Chris #

    Well done the CARD protesters for organising this action… guards, filming protesters and locking gates…..goes from worse to very worrying big brother approach and not the tv show !!!

    March 24, 2016

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