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Respect to Mel

In further embarrassment following the {…} rant from Roly on Wednesday, new Head of Communications Mel Baroni resigned after just 46 days in the job. Mel had joined from M&C Saatchi some two years after the last Head of Communications Matt Wright left. Baroni came with some fanfare as the club waited for her to finish her notice. It now seems that Mel has finished with Charlton and who can blame her.

Those that had met her said she was charming, bright and up for a challenge. The trouble is that the challenge presented by her new ignorant and nutcase, ooh, I almost said unique, bosses was impossible and I would wager that the {…} rant was the final straw.

Total respect to Mel Baroni for sticking two fingers up and walking out with her head held high. With integrity and quick decision making such as that, she will be sure to succeed. I feel for Olly Groome and George Jones, I really do.

Long time Stadium Safety Officer John Little has also resigned. The timing of John’s departure, part of a family of Addick fans, is also very telling.

In football news Tareiq Holmes-Dennis has joined Oldham Athletic on loan until the end of the season. Holmes-Dennis played for Latics’ manager John Sheridan at Plymouth last season.

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  1. ExpatCyp #

    Sympathies lie with Mel Baroni. Full credit for the stance that she has taken.
    A sad state of affairs continues. Does RD prefer sycophants to advise him ? Neither he or the Club will be the better for it if he does .
    Perhaps the Emperor (RD) could engage some exceptionally good sycophants to advise on his new clothes. Now that would be amusing which is more than could be said for his conduct to date. ( With apologies to Hans Christian Andersen of course ! )

    March 18, 2016
  2. For all the entertainment value that the posts of a certain contributor provide in support of the owner and board in their attempts to run a Championship football club it should not be forgotten that a lot of decent people’s lives are being seriously and senselessly messed with by the power -obsessed Duchatelet. He has sought to impose his will, often flying in the face of all logic, in pursuit of his discredited experiment and seems hell-bent on upping the stakes with the latest inflammatory statement that has seemingly led to the resignations of two more respected and reputedly competent employees. It is imperative in my view that all expressions of support for his running-down of the club, especially those that carry no reasoned argument and disingenuously seek to characterise the majority of protestors by the actions of a few , continue to be vigorously challenged. Keep up the sterling work CA. Did you ever go see the Bears whilst in Chicago?

    March 18, 2016
    • ExpatCYP #

      Well said Terry. I have always found most Charlton supporters to be quite moderate and able to take adversity in their stride but the incompetence and lack of respect is intolerable. Like you I am saddened that there are a considerable number of decent people both inside and outside of the club who are affected by this man’s actions. This is an avoidable tragedy had the owner been able to exercise his power competently and responsibly. Arguably the predicament faced by Charlton and other English Clubs would not have occurred if the German mode of ownership of football clubs had been adopted by the FA.

      March 19, 2016
    • Terry, I did often. Couple of times I almost froze myself to death!

      March 19, 2016

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