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Dear Fans {…}

Nope. It wasn’t a dream. That crackpot statement was and is still on the club’s official website. {…}

I have it on very good authority that the comms team tried for a good hour to convince Roland Duchatelet that this statement written by his fair hand was a very, very bad idea. The owner forced the issue and it was relayed unedited onto the club’s website. The comms guys by not promoting it on the club’s social media outlets tells its own story. {…}

I believe Katrien Meire was against it also. I used to get embarrassed when my Dad would go up the school and complain to the teachers about something as well. But it does make you wonder about their relationship. We know she is not paid, at least by the football club. Huh {…}

The statement is beyond parody, astonishing, jaw dropping. He is an absolute loony tune isn’t he? And where is the evidence that any of this part of the statement is true: “Although certain individuals tell you it does not happen, in recent weeks Roland Duchatelet has met the fans, the CEO has met with several different groups of fans and the communications team have attended several fans meetings. We will continue these meetings and constructive dialogue with fans.” {…}

This is gold. The media lapped it up as did supporters of other clubs as the statement spread like wildfire across the internet last night but in the cold light of day Roland Duchatelet, a nut case of the highest order, still owns our football club and insists on employing puppets like Mel Baroni, the new Head of Communication, who he will neither listen to or allow to make a decision. {…}

The mad professor is agitated, the CEO is terrified. Let’s push this one home and wrestle our club back from this arrogant nut job huh {…}

Oh and the club welcome any comments here Get on it {…}

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  1. ExpatCYP #

    Breathtaking arrogance beggars belief. I suppose we should be grateful that the statement did not begin with the words “Dear plebs ! ” “Customer ” alienation par excellance !

    March 16, 2016
  2. Steve #

    Fair comment CA and the statement is truly unbelievable but should we be that shocked. Would only comment that when you say let’s wrestle our club back, implies there is a ready, willing, able and acceptable buyer waiting in the wings. The problem is we don’t know that for sure do we? We’ve all seen the Peter Varney emails but other than an intro from someone we know and trust and would love to have back at the helm of our club, nothing known about the validity of the alleged investor.
    Mad professor, yes. Arrogant, yes. Clueless, yes but unfortunately right now RD is all we’ve got absent our white knight stepping forward with ~$40M.

    March 16, 2016
  3. Steve et All
    That broadly reflects my thoughts. Before we long with baited breath for the oligarch to throw in the towel we need to reflect if there really is someone out there who can marshal the resources and has the bottle, empathy and right intentions for the club to even consider taking it on. Varney is likely to speak from his heart about the club but he and his employers have some other big projects under way to complete, which may take priority.
    The last experience of a hand-over came up with the 2 spivs, which hardly moved us forward.
    A while ago, China was seen as a potential chest of funds for moving in to the UK football scene. This has happened but it now looks as it it has begun to focus on its own blossoming football scene, and the same can be said of India with the World’s fastest growing economy. I’m not convinced an Asian backer is that good an idea for the club anyway.
    Roland could be right on how long a takeover could take, message seems to be don’t hold your breath. I think we should concentrate on the pitch and make a final effort to avoid what seems to be the inevitable and keep the protest outside the 90 minutes of play. Protests can then be as much as people want, providing they are legal, once the fight against relegation is lost, though I still think they are best made outside the 90 minutes play time, and should not include anything that would provoke the FA to take any penalistic actions.

    March 16, 2016
  4. JH #

    Well put Mike and Steve and Expat.
    RD (if indeed it was him) certainly doesn’t do himself or his staff any favours by posting semi-literate rantings on the website.
    I do however believe that anyone who thinks that the Club (especially in its current state) will readily be snapped up by a viable investor is being very optimistic. If/when RD leaves the more likely outcome will be a succession of wheeler dealers and chancers who won’t have either the inclination or the financial clout to do much more than tread water for a bit while they try to find someone else to sell the Club on to.
    That said I’ll be more than delighted if I’m wrong.

    And Steve, from what I have read £40 million just covers the debt – your White Knight will need considerably bigger resources than that to satisfy the aspirations of the supporters and drive the club forward.

    March 16, 2016
  5. Ian Weir #

    This is astonishing! We are fully aware that the loans to the club at 3% interest (which is considerable given our immediate future with regard to projected income) will leave the club in a very vulnerable position.

    The arrogance of this regime is breathtaking & although I support the protests & wear my black & white scarf with pride I think it is vital to maintain the moral high ground & not overstep the mark. We may have come close to that on Sunday: the ‘funeral march’ was effective if melodramatic. The beach balls were definitely effective but the pitch invasion of a couple of people, in my opinion, was literally & metaphorically crossing a line.

    Yes we are angry & yes we want Roland & Katrien gone but we must not give them ammunition to attack a well organised majority: my point being that we should continue to wage our campaign in the right way & we will win this.

    March 16, 2016
  6. Nigel Reddick #

    I think a few of the posters are missing the point about a new buyer. We can’t find one, but we make it as uncomfortable as possible for Roland’s regime so he goes and finds one, in any circumstances.

    Pembury Addick

    March 16, 2016
    • Tom #

      Totally agree Nigel. Until there is an acceptance that the owner wants to sell, there will be no buyer coming forward. There is a logical sequence of events for this to happen.

      March 16, 2016
      • Steve #

        So we trust this guy to find a buyer then? Really?

        April 1, 2016
  7. a2c #

    Yeah well the board as ad more meetins with fans than wot the boards before did, there aint nothin arrogant abahrt it. Still the exenophobes on ere n dahn our gaff will carry on underminin the team, bet they can’t wait to get ahrt of the Valley earin all the offensive drivel yourn shout ahrt like Belgians ahrt n personal abuse against Katrien. You all forget on ere Varney wanted to take ourn ahrt to Kent so if e gets is way our gaff won’t be Charlton no more. Is incitin violence legal then n invadin the field of play cos I reckon the ones wot do it should get bannin orders n thass wot I’m suggestin the police do n all. The board are doin a great job dahn our gaff n thass why I support them on ere n will carry on campaignin against them exenophobes.

    March 16, 2016
    • c2a #

      ere a2c, less meet up dahn ourn gaff next ome game an sing sum songs abarht ow ourn board r doin a gud job. I got this one that go’s:

      Roland and Katrien we luv you,
      Don’t listen to their ilk, they ain’t got a clue,
      Exenophobes and sexists av no place dahn ourn gaff,
      Charlton supporters? You’re avin a laff

      Meet me outside the club shop dahn ourn gaff after ourn vs brum

      March 16, 2016
    • I wonder a2c which part of the ‘great job’ the board are doing and have done that you admire most. Could it be the clearing out of proven championship players and the introduction of many sub-standard players, some of whom have cost the club an awful lot of money and been awfully rubbish? hardly likely. Maybe it’s those scintillatingly talented head coaches Peeters, Luzon and Fraeye one of whom was bizarrely touted by Meire as possibly our version of Alex Ferguson that clinched your admiration for the board’s work? Ok, maybe not. Yes, silly me, I’ve got it , it’s that lovely pitch-side sofa idea-what a winner that is. No? Ideas running a little thin now How about the alienating of a huge number of supporters including many season ticket holders who are ‘weird’ anyway, according to Meire and the owner (don’t want any weirdos down our gaff do we now, oh no). Only other thing I can think of is that you feel the current league position is a sign of the ‘great job’ that the board are doing. Heaven help us if their standards ever slip.

      March 16, 2016
  8. Algarveaddick #

    Regarding the possible take over, at the fans forum meeting Katrien said this: “Like any other championship club we get approached by (sic) takeover proposals all the time. The club is not for sale”. That is on film. If that is the case then we have nothing to worry about. Either she, or Roland is lying to us.

    March 17, 2016
  9. Algarveaddick #

    I realise how unlikely that sounds CA… 😉

    March 18, 2016

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