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Avoid season tickets at all costs

I’m at the airport flying overnight to Gatwick for a week in London mixing work, family and friends. I had planned to be at The Valley next Saturday but Sky Sports scuppered my plans, so I will almost certainly make the trip on Tuesday instead for what is the ultimate six-pointer.

MK Dons have on a far regular basis than us this season collected vital wins that sees them 7 points better off than us. But when Ms Meire talks about budget I would expect Karl Robinson’s side to be below us in the wage and spending stakes but on a different planet when it comes to forward planning, strategy and stability.

I will drive up from my parents on the south coast for what is a hugely vital game the result of which will leave us either buried or still digging.

I saw Middlesbrough fans carried a flag on Saturday bemoaning Sky Sports for moving Saturday’s game to Sunday just 17 days before it was due to be played. I feel for them as I imagine they would’ve pretty much filled the Jimmy Seed on the original day. Although my journey is a mere 3,200 miles longer. Just saying!

I always had to fly to back on Sunday as I need to be at work on Monday and now I have that weird ordeal of being on the plane whilst the game plays out. I will have to get myself a good book. Nonetheless as I was saying to my son it leaves us with the unusual situation of having a Saturday together and being able to do what the hell we like, with no magnetic force pulling us in the direction of SE7 or wherever the Addicks may be.

I see that the club has announced season ticket prices for next season, and I also note that Roland is still not planning for relegation, with no proposals if we end up in League One.

I implore all of you, however hard it might be, to either not part with your money or leave the decision to renew as late as possible. Terrible season ticket sales will send a huge message straight to the bottom line of how much we distrust and deplore the owner and the CEO and there crackpot failed plan and leadership of our great club.

Building a better tomorrow together. You have to laugh.

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  1. Ray #

    Where on the south coast do your parents live ?

    March 7, 2016
  2. a2c #

    Well I aint doin wot you ask n am gettin an ST for next season. There reducin the prices for NL n I am sure the Club will get new fans in to replace them exenophobic whingers n moaners so less all get buyin our STs asap instead of tryin to put staff ahrt of work which is wot yourn are doin.

    March 7, 2016
    • a2c has a rare point.
      By refusing to buy a ST I *am* hoping to remove a certain member of staff from their job.
      It’s going to be almost impossible for her to remain with dire sales, especially if those people who really can’t imagine not having a ST can hold out until the end of July.
      Keep your cash in your pockets until the final moment if you’re buying and those of us who cannot sign up in advance for another season of ‘the experiment’ can save our money completely.
      If nothing else it will show how strongly we feel.
      Many people seem to forget that buying a ST is not just a simple matter of having the cash available at the right time, it’s also a sign that you feel so secure in your support and trust those in charge to do what’s right for the club (and you see no reason for that trust to be misplaced or broken before the end of the season.)
      At present, there is zero trust from me towards those running our club so I cannot make any kind of commitment for the future.

      March 7, 2016
  3. Mark #

    Oh do shut up with your gobbledegook a2c – your message gets lost in your unreadable postings. By the way, it’s not the supporters that will be putting staff at the Valley out of work – that job is being done solely by your three best mates – Duchatelet, Meire and the discredited Murray.

    CA – if you are flying home on a British aircraft explain your dilemma to a friendly member of the cabin crew and ask nicely, if it’s at all possible, for the flight crew to tune into the BBC World Service and pick up the result of the game for you.
    I worked onboard for a well-known British airline for 35 years and know that when they are not reading the Sunday papers or doing crosswords the “drivers” can tune into the world service – in fact, having ‘wangled’ my rest times I’ve sat on the flight deck many times listening into Sports World on a Saturday afternoon on a spare set of headphones listening to 2nd half commentaries and noting all the scores for myself, my football-mad colleagues and any interested customers.

    If they are amenable it might put you out of your misery – or it could make the trip a wonderful experience if we pick up 3 points! I can’t see us getting 9 points out of 9 in the 8 days but we can dream …. after all, that’s all we’ve got left this season….
    Hope that you enjoy Tuesday’s game – I’ll be listening into the online commentary as usual as my Valley exile against the regime continues.

    March 7, 2016
  4. Thanks for the tip Mark. Surprised the BBC World Service is not an entertainment choice these days.

    Good on you for continuing your Valley exile.

    March 7, 2016
  5. Mark #

    It hurts CA …. but I’m less stressed and am already a few hundred quid up.

    I can put up with relegation through lack of cash, an injury crisis or just bad luck – after all I’ve seen enough in the past – but what I will not watch is a club owner who, through plain ignorance ( & by his own admission “has made some mistakes” but goes on to repeat them all over again), or some cunning plan that is yet to be divulged, actually leading the club to division 1. Some of the players brought in last summer are probably below national league standard – & with 3 managers – sorry, head coaches, or should that be head yes men – this season having sat in the home dugout the club has been m is – managed to its current precarious state.

    As hard as my exile is I simply cannot put any more money into Duchatelet’s pocket.
    I hope that the practical demos against the regime continue and I hope to watch a tangible demonstration of fan power on Sky on Sunday through an entrance of fans to their seats 5 minutes into the game, if not a total boycott of the game in front of the cameras.

    If THAT doesn’t get the message through to our absentee owner as he watches on his own tv at home then nothing will…. but the British press will have a field day.

    Hope you witness the club get 3 pts tomorrow CA to keep our season alive – pleased for you that you’ll get at least 1 game in during your brief visit.

    March 7, 2016

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