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Chris Solly

Not good enough according to that expert on picking a player, Roland Duchatelet, but he has always been good enough for me and every other Charlton fan.

Chris Solly played his 200th game for Charlton yesterday. He said this on Twitter last night: “Certainly not the performance or result we need in our position right now, but a real honour today for me personally reaching 200 games for the club, been an extremely difficult season but I love playing for this club and will continue to give 100%!”

One of just four players that was bothered to walk over to travelling Addicks yesterday to applaud them, Chris Solly has never shirked a challenge, a tackle or an injury set back. Duchatelet’s stewardship of our club has seen the heart ripped out of it, heroes sold, nobodies brought in, players churned, youngsters over exposed. But someone like Chris Solly remains to give us hope, despite how futile that has become.

Sadly next year he will be playing in the 3rd Division. He deserves better, we deserve better, but at least Chris Solly knows what it means to play for our club. Players like Chris Solly, thanks to Duchatelet’s master plan, are becoming distinct.

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  1. Pedro45 #

    He was very good again yesterday. With his dodgy knee it is likely that he will remain at Charlton next year unless Championship Millwall or Gillingham snap him up.

    February 21, 2016
  2. I can’t see any more Chris Solly’s under this regime. The new culture will create the mentality that a few good games for a feeder club in SE7 at League 1/2 level will earn a move higher up the pyramid.

    February 21, 2016
  3. Bob Miller #

    CA, perhaps “extinct” would be more like it! 🙂

    February 21, 2016
  4. Dave #

    CA – spot on. It has been heartbreaking to watch Chris this season – not just giving his all every game (the poor old-fashioned fool probably thinks that what you are supposed to do for the wages) but because he is a quality, heads-up footballer who must wonder at times why he is the only one who is trying to play the Addicks into winning positions
    The horrible irony is that, when we go down, a bunch of non-triers who will consider themselves too good for the division that their flimsy efforts have dumped us in will all slope off to another payday, while people like Chris (and the Skip) – much better players, and much more admirable human beings – will stay to try and put it right

    February 21, 2016

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