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Charlton Athletic 0 Bristol City 1

Well that was a kick in the balls. In a complete contrast to last week, today’s performance lacked just about everything and leaves us bottom of the table, and leaves us to think the worst.

The January transfer window was so important to our chances of survival yet once again the owner has failed to address so many of the squad’s weaknesses. If I include Vaz Te, only one player from the seven signed in the transfer window started today. Vaz Te and Williams have been packed off, Johnson and Poyet not good enough to start and Sanogo and Fanni not even fit enough be on the bench. With Igor injured again it is hard to understand why Sanogo didn’t at least warrant a subs spot.

Lee Tomlin, a Riga target, a creative midfielder far more valuable to us than a 34-year old right back was the match winner and the haphazard performance had real shades of a Karel Fraeye display.

Even the protests were muted. I loved the idea of the banners and the billboard poster on Anchor & Hope Lane is genius. However it was soooo Charlton to concede the penalty at the exact time that the banners were going to be uniformly raised. We can’t even get that right!

The players need to want this more. Attempting to find three teams worse than us is a haystack with a tiny needle in it.

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Relegation watch: Rotherham have had a disastrous two weeks losing today to Bolton who move above us in the table. MK Dons drew at Cardiff and Fulham shared the points with Derby.

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  1. LP #

    Disappointing is not the word. I know we have to get behind the team but that display yesterday shocked me. How dare they? There is no excuse for laziness – Bristol City showed us how it is done being first for every ball and actually wanting it.
    I spoke to fans yesterday who still have not got the message that there is a viable alternative to the current regime so that is an area CARD need to address. We need everyone on this one. The real youngsters in our crowd have had enough and can’t wait for West Ham to be available and cheap – and who can blame them?
    Oh God CA.
    On the bright side the news about the Chinese league cheered me up – and to hear that premiership managers are worried – could be the death knell for them. I’ve been waiting for that particular corrupt bubble to burst.

    February 7, 2016
    • Support the team not the regime is bloody hard on days like yesterday that is for sure LP.

      February 7, 2016

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