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2015 Top Five Favourite TV Shows

I’ve got a little waylaid in these first couple of weeks of the New Year. A little bit of Charlton stuff going on, so I have been remiss on my 2015 Top Five things and I know this is what you really want to read.

So, where was I? Ok, let’s take a snap of my Top Five Favourite Television Shows of 2015.

Please note I live on a tiny island in the Atlantic and don’t have access, well I won’t pay the silly fees, to have a lot of the better cable channels, so box sets and Apple TV are our friends and therefore my choices will almost certainly not be the most up to date series. So on with my 2015 Top Five Favourite TV Shows. Stand down.

1) Homeland 4
A great comeback for Carrie and Co after I thought the show lost it way. Rupert Friend as Quinn is brilliant and the series took us on a twisty thriller of a ride. Don’t spoil it but I hear good things about series 5. Can’t wait.

2) Mad Men 7
Me and the other half dragged out the final series of Mad Men, just because it had come such a part of lives that we couldn’t face it ending. Mad Men has been a glorious 8-year run of style and swagger. The final series split teasingly into two didn’t disappoint. Mad Men was a time piece in history.

image3) Game of Thrones 5
I don’t know who’s been killed (although they love knocking off the big characters), what families are left and which ones are dominating others, but I just couldn’t take my eyes off series 5 of this. Game of Thrones is epic television and proves that misery loves company.

4) Detectorists 1
What a delicious little show. I loved Lance and Andy and this was just the first series as I came to it late. Genius writing by Mackenzie Crook.

5) Ripper Street 3
Originally the Beeb were going to end at two, but they got funding for a third series and I really enjoyed this historical walk through Victorian London. There was some great plots and the opening episode was particularly haunting.

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  1. DG #

    Did you miss “Psychobitches”?

    and the amazing “Wolf Hall”

    January 17, 2016

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