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Amongst all of the apathy, depression and anger at watching something so dear to so many thousands of us be torn apart by appalling and arrogant mis-management, something good has come out such a dark times in the club’s history.

Meire and Duchatelet have systematically stripped the club of it’s passionate support, one that just a few seasons ago partnered Chris Powell’s team to a record points League One title. But Addicks fans all over the globe have had enough and undeterred by the massive cloud we have been living under, it has been truly great to see Charlton fans coming together, unifying, protesting and taking action to make ‘this’ all stop.

Charlton fans, young and old, those so disinfranchised that they are refusing to go to The Valley, and those who still find hard earned money to watch the team around the country, mostly for scant reward, are in concert and united. A single loud voice coming together again to protect the future of OUR club.

I wanted to promote the COALITION AGAINST ROLAND DUCHATELET (CARD) properly on my Blog. Please read:

Campaigning Charlton fans came together on Tuesday night to formulate plans to step up protests aimed at forcing the owner Roland Duchatelet to put the club up for sale.

Supporters from Anti Roland Demos, Spell It Out and Voice of The Valley, who have all organised protests at recent matches, were joined by representatives of the Charlton Life message board and the Charlton Fans Protest Fund, as well as others.

They agreed to work together under the banner of CARD (Coalition Against Roland Duchatelet) and to follow up recent demonstrations against the owner with another major post-match rally in the west stand car park immediately following the Blackburn Rovers home game on January 23rd.

However, recognising that further and less predictable initiatives are also required, additional action will also be disclosed on the day of the Blackburn game itself.

This will not involve a pre-match demonstration in the car park, but plans are being kept flexible in order to be able to respond to developments, including around the managerial situation.

An immediate objective for the group, which is working on a series of short and medium-term actions to impact on the club, is to force significant changes in its senior management.

The meeting was also attended by observers from the board of the Charlton Athletic Supporters’ Trust. All present played a full part in discussions at a very productive and consensual meeting.

At this stage, CARD simply wants to assure Charlton fans that we are working together to try to bring a swift and positive end to the current crisis at the club.

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  1. thomas #

    great read,
    the problem is KM she has no understanding of the game or supporters I’m not a charlton fan so i can’t speak of the despair thats going on at the club’
    but i have had close dealing with STAPRIX and if its anything like my experience then your club has a very bleak future,
    you all need to unite RD is driven by power not money he’s very anti british as he thinks were all cut from the same cloth
    his political views will explain all

    January 16, 2016

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