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Changes nothing

What exactly does “a search for a new Head Coach has commenced.” mean?

Roland calls Jose Riga on speed dial, concedes on a couple of points, agrees to give him a proper contract after last time, and hey presto. The search for a new Head Coach ends 18 hours after it started.

Lies, lies, lies.

Yes Riga was popular before, he saved us from relegation, although I thought that may have been Karel Fraeye, but he was in charge for just 15 games. Who is to say he would have been found out like Peeters and Luzon? I can’t even include Fraeye because he was a fraud, but although Riga will be welcomed, he is not the answer. It changes absolutely nothing. Riga deemed not good enough 18 months ago, and sacked or forced out by Duchatelet three times, also needs to think about his self-esteem.

I note also that there will be no press conference. Riga hardly spoke to the press last time, and I think there was rarely a midweek media meeting. We actually ‘got to know’ Peeters, Luzon and Fraeye a lot better than Riga, because they did do interviews. This has to change with Riga this time around, that’s if he last’s long enough in the job. Riga’s last 4 jobs have seen him oversee 16 games, 15, 16 and 23.

This whole circus has to stop, and we need to up the protests. I just hope the players find humility, remember how lucky they are to be getting paid to pay football and that they are privileged to wear that badge on their chest. Then we can support them whilst we do everything in our powers to get rid of Katrien Meire, no doubt behind yesterday’s press release putting Wim de Corte and Jason Euell in charge of Saturday, and the biggest criminal of them all, Roland Duchatelet.

As for Duchatelet’s quotes, his first utterances to his customers for over a year, about making errors in recruitment and trying to address them in January. Well they are laughable.

On with the protests.

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  1. Chris #

    We are doooooooooooomed !!!!!

    January 14, 2016
  2. Mike #

    I can’t see Riga weaving his magic this time with the squad that he has to work with -defenders who can’t defend and strikers who can’t score…

    The fight against Duchatelet & Meire’s must go on until the mystery man sells up.

    January 14, 2016
  3. LP #

    The only thing we have left is to get them out and I won’t rest until we do. Please get everyone to look at the Supporters Trust website which is coordinating action – and there was a big meeting on Tuesday of various parties. We all need to get behind their initiatives. I cannot understand why anyone would want to work for someone who keeps sacking them – it is beyond belief. Yet Roly seems to keep finding them. It must be purely about the money. How sad for us.

    January 14, 2016
    • CA Addick (California Addick) #

      Miss Kant Manage must do her best work on those all nighters. Not sure how many potential managers she gets hold of at 3 am which is why her list gets down to one each time.

      The best of the worst choices probably. But clearly they are thumbing their noses and arses to not only Charlton supporters but to British football as as a whole by no thinking any British manager is not good enough, but then again what British manager worth anything would work for these imbeciles.

      How Miss KM keeps her job is beyond me, but maybe her relationship with RD Is more than we know. What an Incompetent at best.

      January 14, 2016
  4. The problem at CAFC is that the owner and CEO have reduced the club to an almost dysfunctional state with no viable long-term strategy that makes sense in either football or economic terms and an alienated and increasingly hostile support base. With the club in a spiral of decline the owner, rather like a demented dog, knows only how to walk in a circle around which are strewn his array of second, sometimes third -hand fall-back options from which he selects the next ‘improvement’ to counter the ever increasing catastrophes that pass for head coach material at CAFC. Whilst I sincerely hope that Riga succeeds again (I agree here with those that believe relegation would make CAFC a less attractive proposition for potential sale) his appointment really, as CA argues, changes nothing. Fraeye’s failure was inevitable and I just fear that that period when he was in charge will prove to be crucial come the end of the season. I hope I’m wrong.

    January 16, 2016
    • And to think if Serbia was part of the EU Duchatelet would certainly have loaded Nebojša Vignjević onto us.

      I hope you are wrong too Terry, but agree with every word you wrote.

      January 16, 2016

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