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Colchester United 2 Charlton Athletic 1

A new low but believe me under these three executioners lows worse than this are coming. And Richard Murray should not escape either. Honestly Richard show some humility.

Fraeye put out a team to win, on paper it was decent, but you win nothing in life without having any dignity or balls. For all that Fraeye is an half-arsed clown, those representing our great club today should have a good look at themselves in the mirror tonight.

No one came out of the game with any credit. No one except Pope that is, who kept the score down to two in the first half. One of the goals obviously coming just before half-time, this after we get another injury. It’s like Groundhog Day.

Cousins was injured, we were already being overrun in midfield, Interim brings Vetokele on, a striker. At half-time, 2-0 down, Interim brings on another centre-half for winger Ceballos. Team tactics being decided by one of those plastic twirly things with an arrow. Your turn Jason, have a spin.

Ceballos rapidly becoming the most comedic thing to come out of Barcelona since Manuel (sorry I nicked that off Twitter). Makienok an embarrassment, Sarr the new Ali Dia, Vaz Te uninterested, Johnson still celebrating winning the lottery.

The after match interview with Interim, so far out of his depth that he is walking on the ocean floor, was cringeworthy. Tough questions met with absolute cobblers referring to the board as if someone sat on it cares and gives a sh*t. A board let us remind ourselves of a bloke who hasn’t seen us play since October, the year before last, and thinks winning is not important. A woman more hated than Margaret Thatcher by the miners and a bloke seeping into dementia.

The funniest thing was this was not even a Cup shock, even though Colchester have the worst defence in all four divisions and until today had lost 9 of their last 10 games and won 1 in 15. And lost their best player to his parent club last week.

If us being expected to win was funny, so was Morgan Fox being captain today after Cousins went off. No disrespect Morgan, but I’ll add that one to the list of managerial distinctions under Karel Fraeye. Interim with now a record so bad, that only Les Reed’s 6 week spell in 2006 was worse. But to be fair Reed did play Liverpool and Spurs during his tenure.

Over 1,800 Addicks at the game. If they were in a restaurant they would have left after the first course.

Rick Everitt has said that we, the fans, will make the club unmanageable. They don’t need our help, they are doing a fine job by themselves.

Admirable Addicks at the Weston Homes Community Stadium: Chris Powell’s Flat Cap; Drinking During the Game;

FA Cup show watch: Even Bolton couldn’t help us out equalizing late at Eastleigh, Brentford lost to high flying Walsall, Pompey grabbed a great 2-2 draw at Ipswich, Preston lost at Peterborough and Bristol City came within seconds of winning at West Brom.

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  1. I’m lost for words. Just when you thought things could not get any worse, we are once again made to look like a proper Charlie by the incompience of our coach and team. The club will reel under the influence of a mass backlash caused by the owners who have now shown a total disregards for the feelings of the supporters by not righting the wrong that has plunged this club into chaos. I feel today was the final insult to a season that has gone from being poor, to finally putting the finishing touches to what will be inevitable. I’m gutted beyond belief. Never in my 50 years of supporting Charlton have I been this
    devestated as I’m writing this to you. These clown have ruined this club beyond repair, will it ever recover, I just don’t know?

    January 9, 2016
    • GA – There are plenty of examples of recovery but I’m afraid it might well get worse before it gets better.

      My biggest concern is this demise may well be part of RD’s plan. He may not do failure, but what does he define as failure?

      January 9, 2016
  2. Sam lloyd #

    I just LOVE your blog site CA you ALWAYS tell it like it is, no if’s, but’s or maybe’s, just the truth, the whole truth & NOTHING but the truth & the truth is hurting like hell !!

    January 9, 2016
  3. Kim #

    I agree with Sam Lloyd, your blog says it all. I attended the fixture to remind me of League One football and we looked more like the Club in 23rd position in League One, rather than Colchester! Its so dreadful and there will be worse to come. I just cannot see an end to it and Richard Murray should hold his head in shame, as I’ve said before he started the decline with his appointment of Dowie and it’s been pretty well downhill since other than Chrissy Powell’s tenure.

    January 10, 2016
  4. My only comment relates to Vaz Te. He performed reasonably well for West Ham in the Premiership and who can blame him for being disinterested. He is best suited to playing in the middle where he is capable of getting on the end of crosses. Yet, he finds himself sidelined for that buffoon Big Mac (who scouted him?) and when he is brought on finds himself playing out wide (obviously not his position) whilst the buffoon continues to “lead” the attack.
    I have to admit that when details of the impending signing of Big Mac first appeared I was enthusiastic, based totally upon his sheer size and a few Youtube 2 minute videos.
    Obviously, our scouting regime at the time adopted the same conscious approach to their job.
    Our scouting regime has been substandard for quite a time, including before the Belgians arrived and network exchanges were seen as the solution..

    January 10, 2016
  5. Martin Cowan #

    CA, I was worried as soon as I saw the line up. Karel thinks he’s Klopp (that didn’t work out too well either, did it?). If you’re going to “rest” some of your better players, at least put them on the bench so they can come on if it all goes tits up. More bizarre tactics (getting the fullbacks to swap sides, what was that all about?; playing the 6’7″ striker out on the wing??), more bizarre substitutions (Igor for Cousins); the ship is sinking fast and if the only answer is to bring in Riga that’s because the question is “who does Roland know?” I’m not sure that Riga will be able to pull this one of the bag as he inherits a far weaker squad and we don’t have all those games in hand we had in 2014 (Roly, the new pitch has backfired!). Dark days indeed, but all setting up nicely for further protests v. Blackburn.

    January 10, 2016

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