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“You talk to them Richard”

Really, has communication gotten so bad that we now have to be given a Q&A session? Crafted questions that took 5 minutes to write a response to. What kind of statement is that?

Is this Richard Murray attempting to be the conduit between customers and the owner and his CEO? Well, thank you Richard. I can see it now.

RM to RD – “You should really do one of those video pieces again Roland.”
RD to RM – “Huh. No thanks, you talk to them.”
RM – KM – “Katrien darling you really need to address the fans they think you’re lying.”
KM to RM – “Me, no way I’m the CEO I don’t need to talk to the customers. Anyway it’s only around 3,000 of them that are unhappy.”
RM – “Oh bugger I’ll do it then. Right, how do I turn this computer thing on?”

The same old patter. I could pull some of those answers apart, but I haven’t the inclination but the most ridiculous comment is this:

“The obvious strand missing has been the number of experienced Championship players. The first time we have been able to address this is the January transfer window. Of the two transfer windows it’s the trickier one because everyone is looking for players who can make a difference.”

What an utter incompetent statement, sorry answer. And how about….

“But you also can’t get away from the fact that families want to see a winning team as much as anyone else. So we need those new players to perform, players to come back from injury and, as I know from being in football for 25 years, you need a little bit of good fortune. Everyone at the club is working hard to make the second half of the season a better one.”

No pressure then on a guy that has been playing in India, a bloke who has played 20 minutes in 2-years and a 20-year old who walked out on us once.

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  1. Tom #

    I do agree with some of what RM says but agree with your sentiments CA about that first statement. It has been obvious that for the last 18 months that we have been short of players with Championship experience and how about a manager who has Championship experience? They are slow learners and if you kept on making the same mistake in many jobs you would be asked to leave – not so KM, she is bullet proof.

    Whilst it’s not impossible, having ‘Premier League ambitions’ combined with the 3rd lowest wage bill in the division seems a bit far fetched to me.

    January 7, 2016
    • In isolation what RM says is fair enough and if he had any responsibilities we could take it more as face value. But he does not address any of the fans/customer’s issues.

      If you set up as having the 3rd lowest budget, then it is not an unreasonable ambition to finish 3rd from bottom.

      January 7, 2016
  2. WinnipegAddick #

    The squad deficiencies were obvious during the loan window yet the sum of their efforts at this opportunity were Vaz Te in and Watt out. Another classic.piece of incompetence being spun as not their fault

    January 7, 2016
  3. Kim Lewis #

    Another excellent piece CA!

    What a load of claptrap from Murray, can’t believe the guy has the cheek to put his name to all of this.

    Thinking of Roly and as they say, and I hope…………..” a fool and their money are easily parted” and the sooner the better.

    Going to the FA Cup tie on Saturday to remind me how bad League One football was!

    January 7, 2016
  4. Nigel Reddick #

    Your comments above CA, starting “in isolation” are almost exactly what I said to my son this afternoon. But football doesn’t comply with the economic rules you’d find in most other instances. To start with fans aren’t like normal customers.

    And as Winnipeg has said above, its a good spin on trying to not take the blame for poor personnel choices. The rigours of the Championship should be no surprise to anyone. Had they retained some experienced advisers it might have helped. But then RM should fulfil that brief shouldn’t he….

    Pembury Addick

    January 7, 2016
  5. I have to wonder what is going on here. RM’s ‘stated aims’ versus KM’s comments about being a farm club to sell youngsters to Premier League teams – And how wonderful it will be for the customers to watch them play before they leave – just don’t jive, do they?
    Either way, it is now proven that the Organ grinder has two monkeys.

    January 7, 2016
  6. Chris #

    It beggers belief that RM toes the line for RD and KM…..I suppose the majority of true and loyal Charlton fans should now be farmed out to other clubs too to boost their gates ????

    January 8, 2016
  7. LP #

    It saddens me that RM is caught up in all this – there was a time I would have eloped with him for what he did for our club. And there will be people out there taken in by what he says who want to ignore the plain facts. I direct them to the Trust website where the pertinent questions that need answering are. It really is a shame that we have an owner with the financial clout but who doesn’t have a clue and won’t admit he doesn’t have a clue.
    Keep on protesting!

    January 9, 2016

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