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Poyet to return

Still buzzing today following the incredible coming together of Addicks and the subsequent media coverage of yesterday’s protests against the owners and his puppet administration. The unity of fans, young and old, makes me proud and confident that we will achieve our goal of removing Meire and forcing Duchatelet into putting the club up for sale.

There of course is much work, planning and effort to put in but we must never waiver from our purpose. These demonstrations will get bigger and louder and there are some imaginative and very achievable ideas being proposed amongst the support, none less that taking our aims to Belgium and embarrassing the owner on his doorstep. 

A protest fund has been launched if you are interested in contributing.

There was also some great coverage on radio and television with some articulate Charlton fans (Hungry Ted included) on phone ins. Rick Everitt was also interviewed. You can listen to all of them here.

Stan Collymore divides a lot of opinion, but he is a football fan first and ex-player second and to be fair to him he has really taken to our cause.

Anyway back to football matters – support the team not the regime – Diego Poyet and Roger Johnson have put Sparrows Lane back in their car’s GPS and they will both return this week until the end of the season. 

This says a lot more about the scouting situation at the club than anything else. Actually with no chief scout, no director football, no permanent manager or head coach one has to assume that Ms Meire is doing the picking and choosing alongside the Flemish Dario Gradio himself. 

If Roger Johnson was deemed not good enough in June, why 6 months later after playing in India is he now? 

As for Diego Poyet, well I am not sure how his return, probably at Colchester at Saturday, will go down amongst Addicks. It was not an amicable departure for young Diego and perhaps he was naive, and the club certainly were as well. Nonetheless we need more bodies and if he can regain his form and despire that won him POTY after just 20 matches then I will welcome him. Jacko needs a rest and Poyet could be a very able replacement. 

Also in Meire’s Rolodex is the name of Yann Kermorgant. Watch this space. 

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  1. Brian #

    Poyet’s the last player I’d’ve expected to be coming back, but he was so outstanding – in a better team than Charlton are now – that I’d be overjoyed if this is true.

    January 3, 2016

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