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A momentous day. Some incredible video and photographs out there of large protests before and after the game, the post game one attended by many thousands of Addicks making their feelings clear in a passionate but orderly manner. It was a day to remember and sat here tonight I am so proud to be an Addick.

Also, there has been much media attention. Talksport, Channel 5 and the BBC both covered it as did many media outlets and commentators. Rick Everitt was interviewed on Talksport, who talked extensively about the protests today and C5 had Chirs Powell on, bringing a tear to my eye if I’m honest. The protest made the Belgium press and there was a lot of support from other club’s supporters, including Forest fans. Even James Corden mentioned it on Twitter, calling the demise a tragedy. And he has 5.9 million followers. 

National media coverage is essential as we continue to highlight the systematic mis-management of a football club, OUR football club, that we hold so dear. Unified, together, committed, patient, we will force Duchatelet and his puppet adminstration out. 

And the protests have to continue. Whilst I respect those of you that refuse to go, and nothing of course will embarass Meire more than an empty stadium, the continual noisy protests that we saw today aligned with a strategy of getting to sponsors and media both here and in Belgium as well as boycotting the purchase of goods and services is a must. 

The black & white theme is working well and wouldn’t it be fantastic if fans could mass in the lower west to really turn up the heat on Meire and Murray at a future game.

This is a long game, support the players and continue to give the regime hell.

Charlton ’til I die. 

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  1. Paul #

    Boycott goods and services is essential. Apart from ticket sales, it is the metric they will monitor most.

    It is already being done. The shop was absolutely empty today, I have never ever seen that, and especially with items on sale. The bars weren’t doing as much business as usual either. Needs to be rammed home.

    Fans can turn up and protest without buying tickets

    January 2, 2016
  2. Sam #

    Charlton run out of fosters in the east stand yesterday, at half time. No need to boycott it!

    January 3, 2016
  3. We need to bear Colchester next week then draw an uninspiring team at home then pack out the lower West and leave the rest empty.

    That would work.

    January 3, 2016
  4. I agree we need to boycott the bars as well as the goods and services. A third of the revenue is from ticket sales so it will begin to hurt. Meire needs to be seen as the Ratner of the football world.

    January 3, 2016
  5. Paul #

    The main bar in North Upper ran out of John Smiths BEFORE the game. They ran out of milk for tea/coffee too. Slimmed down service……

    Might have been a long while since this happened, but I remember how they used to have branded napkins and now it’s all plain.

    January 3, 2016
  6. John O'Sullivan #

    Am I wrong in saying that the catering concessions are run by the same people that run similar at Wembley and Emirates stadiums? I thought they just rented spots off the club and kept profits for themselves. I thought it was only the lounges that are still run by the club. Similarly the club shop is run by a subsidiary of Nike so I think sales will not affect Roland much in the short term (in the same way that it makes no difference boycotting games when the club already has your season ticket money). However, Roland will notice the extra costs of policing protests. He will be worried when the current concessions for catering etc demand lower rates because of low profits. Sponsors will not be willing to invest at high prices to support a regime that is getting viewed so negatively in the media both home and abroad. Keep up the protests. I will continue to support them as I did yesterday. We will succeed and still be here long after the Belgians have returned home.

    January 3, 2016
  7. Paul #

    You’re not wrong John. The protests will have the greatest impact, with the cost of policing.

    Just had a look and the catering is contracted to Delaware North, but there are bound to be clawbacks based on customer numbers and also possibly a profit share arrangement

    The store is contracted to JustSport:

    January 3, 2016

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