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If M. Duchatelet doesn’t do failure….

January is such an important transfer window for the club. At least it is for everyone I talk to. There is not a lot of evidence that Roland Duchatelet and Katrien Meire think this, but the squad gravely needs reinforcements. Effective ones at that, not any old network rubbish.

But who is charge of this essential transfer window? And who can we trust? Let’s look at the candidates.

Karel Fraeye Saturday – “The players have the chance all month to show what we have to do, or not have to do. So that’s up to them. Before January nothing will be done, I’m not sure it would be wise to talk about this now.” Inspirational.

Then there is no.2 Jason Euell. We love Jase, I just hope he’s not being force fed the kool-aid – “We’ve started the process two or three weeks ago (this was a couple of weeks ago). Even in the loan window as much as you might have targets you are looking at, you don’t always get them. We missed that opportunity.” 

“Come January we have to try again to add to a couple of key areas, bringing them in to help us get to where we need to get to. It takes a little bit of time but we have started that process, whether it be loan or permanently. Then it is a case of crunching numbers – that’s something out of my control.” All good except for the last few words.

Now the Chief puppet. This is what Katrien Meire said after Karel Fraeye started out on his expedition as The Interim One – “We hope Karel Fraeye will change things and bring us back to mid-table which we have the squad for. We believe we have a better squad than our position. He has identified problems. We will give him all the help he deserves.” Ah, help. Yes he needs some bloody help alright.

And the aloof owner M. Duchalelet –  Er, nothing. Of course.

A threadbare squad with a couple of long term injuries and a revolving door of knacked and generally unfit players littering the physio’s room, I think a conservative estimate of five new players is needed. That is not going to happen, let’s be honest, but even a couple of experienced battle hardy heads would improve us.

A 2016 vintage Eagles and Johnson may help, but our plight this season is far more precarious and last season we had the benefit of Tony Watt joining us. Oh yes, that reminds me, we are going to sell him first. Tell me again in what universe the man who doesn’t do failure lives?

The opposite of failure I always thought to be success, but under Duchalelet it has become mediocre. Tolerable, just enough to get by, survival. Well M. Duchatelet please put in place all of those surviving skills you must have learnt in business and get us out of this predicament.

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  1. Sciurus Carolinensis NEmesis #

    Roly Douchebag may indeed not ‘do’ failure but that’s relative to what he considers success to be, or in other words what form his actual project takes. There is no evidence that his project is to run a 2nd division football team, rather the opposite he clearly appears to be running a team out the bottom of the 2nd division. To what end? Real estate speculation? If so why blow all that money at the training ground? I reckon the reason RD and his puppets can’t explain the project to us is cos RD hasn’t the faintest idea. Meanwhile anything resembling a CAFC we recognise or remember is withering away.
    Happy Christmas

    December 23, 2015
  2. Stuart McRae #

    We cant sell Watt or Lookman. MR D doesn’t need the money. At the moment selling these two players will be suicide. Watt has always had an edge but the management have to deal with it and turn it too our advantage. Is he a good player? definitely, but you cant expect him to score when the rest of the team is not providing the opportunities. Lookman is a real gem but I expect he will be sold for a couple of Million in January to the detriment of the club. When you have a Gem you have to keep it and tell the Vultures to “piss off he is not for sale. He is a Charlton player and we have our own ambitions” We wont get anywhere selling off our best players and its infuriating. If only I had the money I would buy the club. I was talking to a Wimbledon fan yesterday and 25% of there shares are owned by the supporters. Maybe that’s what we should do.

    December 23, 2015
    • We did nt exactly put up a fight to keep Joe Gomez

      December 25, 2015
  3. Unless there is an alternative site for lease I can’t see the developer angle. An acre of land for development in Greenwich is about £600k and a football pitch is aprox 2 acres. No I think he’s just arrogant and incompetent. I think he’s also appointed a CE in his own likeness.

    December 23, 2015
  4. Big Pete #

    I can’t help thinking that the watt situation has to do with the current legal concerns at Standard over his transfer to us, as the £1m price is what standard payed celtic for him (exchange rate adjusted.)

    I hope lookman stays, but if we have to let him go to fund a couple of centre backs, a rightback and right winger, along with Harriot’s return, it might just keep us in the division.

    December 23, 2015
  5. jc john #

    All good comments i have a season ticket is there anyone out there that wants it for a cut down price.

    December 23, 2015
  6. Long before politicians and beaurocrats woke up to the fact that accountability and measurement of performance might be a good idea (and I’m not by any means suggesting that such concepts are perfect in practice yet) football had instituted its own solution to such matters with a simple arithmetical points system, subsequently nuanced in an attempt to encourage attacking intent. The principle of this solution goes roughly like this: when the fat lady has finally sung the numbers are counted up and those with the most points take the top prize and are promoted those with the least slip through the trap-door to a lower grade of football. It is brutal but elegant and by and large it reflects the realities of performance and quality, success and FAILURE.
    So, If we think of a scale of success as running from an impressive 10 (top of the table) down to a catastrophic 0 (rock-bottom) how does the current position of FC Duchatelet relate to a boast (by the CEO) that RD ‘doesn’t do failure’. Oh dear, not quite rock-bottom but I would say round about the 1 mark . Plenty of work to do then to wriggle free of the reality of manifest FAILURE.

    December 23, 2015
  7. Merry Christmas CA. Enjoy your visit home and stay away from The Valley.


    December 24, 2015

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