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Burnley 4 Charlton Athletic 0

Another embarrassing capitulation yesterday for Fraeye’s Charlton, this time at Turf Moor. According to the Interim Head Coach we were the best team for 44 minutes, I haven’t checked how long they play in the Belgium Sunday League, but playing well for 44 minutes is not good enough. On the bright side it was longer than the 26 minutes we played well last week at home to Bolton. Baby steps and all that.

In those 44 minutes we didn’t score but looked lively on the counter until a disastrous Reza free-kick gave the Clarets the opening goal. The half-time pep talk must have been inspirational because 10 minutes later we were 3-0 down. I saw the goals and the defending was pitiful.

To add to the misery Vaz Te and Bauer were both taken off injured, the systematic issue with injuries and fitness continues under this regime which is rotten to the core, from the mad professor of an owner to the over confident half-wit of an Interim Head Coach.

I suppose today was not the day to announce the Belgian’s promotion to full time Head Coach. If we can be the better team for an hour against Bristol City, expect it then!

Heroic Addick Bloggers at Turf Moor: Chris Powell’s Flat Cap.

Relegation watch: It’s looking pretty ugly.

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