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2015 Top Five Bermuda Things

I have now lived in Bermuda over 7 years, 2 more than I lived in Chicago, which every time I think about it just sounds more incomprehensible. Chicago was a place where everyday I experienced something new. I never found a routine because the city would always throw up alternatives.

Bermuda is not like that, little changes apart from the tide of the sapphire blue Atlantic Ocean. However this year the island finally appeared to come out of the other side of a tough recession and there is a very noticeable wind of optimism coming in with that tide.

So to continue with my 2015 Top Fives, these are my Top Five Bermuda Things from the last 12 months:

1) The Americas Cup
The 35th race of the Americas Cup, the world’s oldest international sporting event may still be 18 months away but the expectation of it is everywhere on the island and the World Series races held here over a weekend in October were a raging success that really wet the whistle of what we can expect in 2017. 

1--1609-and-Pool-at-Sunset-(1)x2) Hamilton Princess
The Green family have spent $100m on redeveloping the iconic but was a very tired hotel on Hamilton Harbour and I have to say they have done a superb job. The Green’s also own a remarkable collection of art and much of it is displayed in the hotel. Marcus Samuelsson’s restaurant is a great addition to Hamilton and the hotel’s gardens and pools (photo) have been transformed. Hotel re-development is a hot topic in Bermuda and under the Green’s the Hamilton Princess is leading the way.

3) The Dock
Not that long ago The Dock was just, well a concrete dock outside a restaurant as part of the Fairmont Southampton not far from where we live. A little bit of imagination, great tapas, comfy chairs and live music later The Dock has become a great summer location to enjoy with friends or family ably abetted by the great work of manager Tom.

4) Bolero
My favourite restaurant on the island because unlike so many of it’s rivals it never rests on it’s laurels. English owner and chef Jonny Roberts changes the menu weekly with imaginative and uncustomary dishes. Combine this with the great staff and warm atmosphere and you will find me here on a regular basis.

5) Rugby Week
The Bermuda Rugby Classic began here in 1988 after organisers crystallised many years of end of season rugby tours during the 70’s and 80’s starring players like JPR Williams and John McBride. A veterans (over X) tournament was founded and spans a week of great rugby and heavy drinking. In recent years professional players retiring from the game fitter the competitive nature of the week has dramatically increased although the frivolity remains unblemished. Hands down the most fun week of the year.

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  1. Nigel Reddick #

    How is their presentation of their history these days CA? My recollection from the 1970s was the military docks and gun emplacements were there, but not much told in the way of exhibitions/museums, and a replica 18th century ship with costumed characters. I enjoyed both immensely but I wonder if they have developed it any further?

    Pembury Addick

    December 16, 2015
    • PA – They were left further forlorn until the turn of the century when much needed investment was been put into the Dockyard area. There is still plenty of derelict sites but the government did finally start to regenerate the area and make it a place worth visiting.

      The National Museum of Bermuda is now on the site of the former Maritime Museum and is very good.

      The Commissioner’s House was restored in 2000 and is used today to host exhibitions of Bermuda’s defence heritage.

      Many of the forts such as Scaur Hill have also been nicely restored.

      The whole Dockyard area which was once Britain’s largest offshore naval base is the hub now for the large cruise ships and has improved a lot even since I got here and before 2017 it will be transformed into the America’s Cup Village, which will be great.

      I don’t think you’d recognise it PA, although a lot of Bermuda hasn’t changed much in 50 years.

      December 17, 2015
  2. Nigel Reddick #

    Wow that is impressive CA! I suspect it needs to be to compete with other tourist destinations. But compared to the stagnation and neglect you see in countries like Greece and Turkey, when it comes to presentation of their past, that is Premier League.

    Pembury Addick

    December 18, 2015
    • Just catching up with this PA. I think Premier League is over egging it but certainly a competitive Championship club with Premier League ambitions 😉

      January 15, 2016

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