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Bergdich to be offloaded

18th October 2015 – Point one of the club’s key strategic objectives: “To be successful in our recruitment, retention and trading of players.”

23rd July 2015 – Charlton sign Morocco international Zakarya Bergdich on a 4-year deal.

8th December 2015 – The South London Press has been told that Bergdich is surplus to requirements and they will listen to offers to offload the 26-year-old.

It is of course Katrien Meire who does all these deals and the brains trust of Roland’s analytical scouting empire that selects the players. But hey, it must have been a good decision because they all are! And giving any old player a 4-year deal is not good financial policy. Remembering for example that Piotr Parzyszek is under contract until 2018.

The other question is to whose decision is this? Karel Fraeye, the Interim Head Coach, Duchatelet or maybe the next bloke they have lined up?

Bergdich came with a good reputation, albeit with some off the field issues, but he had played at the very highest level in France, Spain and Italy and has 11 Moroccan caps. This selecting of players is a fine art, just ask Curbs, it is not about statistics, models and data analysis.

Finally, and call me old fashioned, what happened to coaching and improving players? Maybe throwing in some good man-management too. Bergdich’s career doesn’t point to him being a bad player, although perhaps horribly not up to The Championship but why give up on him after 6 games. Likewise Tony Watt.

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  1. a2c #

    Yeah but e was signed before the 18th October so wot your sayin don’t count.

    December 8, 2015
  2. CA, I dont think any amount of words could sum up a shambles within our club more than whats happening with Bergdich, U just couldnt make it up.

    December 8, 2015
  3. Paul Fawdry #

    I guess like Watt is on high wages, is not playing so offload him another through the revolving door….. Think the club shop should give a six month guarantee on there shirt printing going forward!!!

    December 8, 2015
    • I can see it now. 2015 Calendar. January – Tony Watt. February – Bergdich. March – Ademola Lookman….

      December 8, 2015
  4. a2c #

    I remember players bein offloaded all the time under Jiminez n Slater n Murray before so wot yourn are sayin iss a misnomer. Ere are remember Pouso dahn our gaff.

    December 8, 2015
  5. Martin Cowan #

    Not to worry, Harriott is coming back from Colchester and can slot into the wide left role.

    December 9, 2015

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