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Rugby week

Seeing JPR Williams, one of Britain’s most recognisable rugby union ex-players, walking around Hamilton yesterday can only mean one thing. Add to that loads of big fellas trying to balance on moped’s driving past me in a line on a typically windy Bermuda road this morning and it has to be Bermuda Rugby Classic week.

The Bermuda Rugby Classic began here in 1988 after organisers crystallised many years of end of season rugby tours during the 70’s and 80’s starring players like JPR and John McBride to create a veterans tournament that spans a week of drunken frivolity, and that is just the players!

‘The Classic’ is one of the year’s biggest corporate events and I am lucky to have invites to every night, which will test my stamina and relationship.

In fact today my other half’s company held a family day on the opening day of the tournament which was nice. The weather was beautiful, which was unusual because this week is notoriously bad for weather.

Amongst the bouncy castles, face painting, ice cream van, crafts and dress up, France lost to Argentina 14-12 after being 12-0 ahead and the Lions thrashed Canada 43-7.

Tomorrow night South Africa play USA and Italy take on the might of the reigning champions, the All Blacks.

Wish me luck.

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