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Charlton Athletic 3 Sheffield Wednesday 1

It has not been easy being a Charlton fan in recent weeks, in fact it has been pretty depressing, but my slumber has been awoken by the unification of Charlton fans, those who remember Sam Bartram, those that remember Derek Hales, those that remember Clive Mendonca, those that now cheer on Johan Berg Gudmundsson. All Charlton fans coming together to claim the football club that we love back.

I was today at my daughter’s first ever swimming meet. I was nervous for her, but those nerves turned to an upside down stomach when on my phone I watched footage on Twitter of around a 1,000 fans gathered in the West Stand car park demonstrating against the leadership of our club before the game. 

This had a poignant effect on me as I watched video clips, saw photos and read on the ground comments from those Addicks amongst them. This was a very significant moment for Addicks as all ages came together, men and women, and protested peacefully, pointedly and loudly. 

And this is only the beginning.

And then if only to underline her arrogance and total contempt for the customers of a company she is CEO off, Meire appeared at a window, took a photo and then laughed. I wasn’t there of course, but this had been widely reported by almost everyone. Maybe she was being tickled, maybe she collects photographs of car parks. Maybe she is an idiot.

Then with my daughter gliding up the pool doing her backstroke, Johnnie Jackson only goes and bloody scores. My man love for Jacko is well documented but trust the skipper to up The Valley noise level like only he can. 

20 minutes later Simon Makienok pokes in a second before half-time, which prompted a text from my brother saying we are bound to f- it up, but no, Reza scores, who had a good game by all accounts, and we are 3-0 up and The Valley remembers how to celebrate. 

Even a late Wednesday consolation can’t ruin a very fine afternoon where Charlton fans did themselves proud, as did the players, men in red shirts, for whom generations of fans have given so much emotional and unconditional support. As they will long after Roland Duchatelet and Katrien Meire warrant just a couple of paragraphs in the next century of the club’s history.

The win was vital, and credit to Fraeye, Wim Corte and Jason Euell for their role in that.

Today’s protest is only the start. Today’s 3 points changes absolutely nothing. We will get our Charlton back. In fact before writing this Blog post I booked my airplane ticket to be home for the Ipswich match. We all have to come together. Spell it out. In black & white.   

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Relegation watch: Rotherham were hammered 5-2 at home by Ipswich. Bolton missed a penalty in the 0-0 home draw with Bristol City. Huddersfield with Mark Lillis caretaking lost at home to Leeds 3-0 and MK Dons were beaten 2-1 at Brighton.

Photo: @willbains

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  1. Nigel Reddick #

    Had an interesting debate with another fan on the coach going up CA. He says Roland is a businessman who only wants to move forward in increments – the training facilities, youth academy and pitch being the first of those increments. And then when the asset value has reached a certain value he will sell. In the meantime no one else would have us and we are lucky to have him. He may well be right but Roland may be a tad naive if he thinks a League 1 football club will sell at a better value than a championship club. And I don’t want to be someone else’s business project in these circumstances.

    So it was good to be in the front line of the protest, holding the banner, shoulder to shoulder with my son. To finally be able to kick back is a liberating feeling. even if we’d lost it was good to be there.

    But the atmosphere from the Addicks, before we’d scored, and in view of our diabolical run, was really quite special. and so was that performance. There was a group of fans right behind the Covered End goal, holding arrows pointing at the net, just in case the players had forgotten..It was rather nice when they all got chucked on the pitch when Jacko scored!

    A special day for a variety of reasons.

    Pembury Addick

    November 8, 2015
    • A special day indeed PA and you and your son saw a win. We have to keep our grievances with the owners separate to our support of the team and was great to hear them being backed to the hilt.

      But a couple of wins MUST NOT allow us to accept the way we have been treated and continued to be viewed with contempt and a sneered smile.

      One of my disappointments had been that for 4 seasons we have been just 3-4 players short of a top 8 side and we do have some good players, who on their day can beat anybody in the league. However owner’s ambition seems to simply be stay up, insist that young players are thrown into maximize their transfer potential and showcase any old pony from his network.

      November 8, 2015
  2. Martin Cowan #

    CA, saw this in the Guardian yesterday. Add Kit Symons to the list. Seems our experience is becoming all too common:

    Amazing result yesterday, after the doom and gloom of the last God knows how long. As someone commented, it was as though a new manager had been appointed! I guess we are still waiting for that announcement.

    November 8, 2015
  3. LP #

    You are too nice CA – ‘credit to Fraeye’. Why? We had all this with Luzon. The people Roly is putting in charge are not up to the job – not their fault I know. They are sycophants who will do what he tells them to do. Just like Miere. And Martin – we do not have a ‘manager’ and we won’t have one all the time the Belgian waffle is in charge. As for Nigel’s post above re his conversation – words fail me as to just how stupid some Charlton fans can be. We are all too bloody nice and it has got to stop. I love the arrows – good job we can keep our sense of humour.
    Thank you to all those who protested. I promise to be with you next time.

    November 8, 2015
  4. LP – too nice probably. But as much as I’d like to give Jason Euell all of the credit, KF is head coach so fair do’s for the diamond formation and giving us more stability in defence. Playing Diarra in his rightful position probably helped too.

    In many ways the hard bit now will be for Fraeye to build on this – that’s if he’s still here in a fortnight.

    November 9, 2015

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