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Hurricane Joaquin

A little windswept today after 12 hours of hurricane force wind buffeting our house, which is pretty exposed on the island’s south shore. Everyone is fine, if not a little tired and sweaty as we and 15,000 other households remain without power.

We had plenty of debris in the garden, some large branches, lumps of wood and a few chickens (alive) wondering around looking pretty confused. We also had rainwater get into the house but as soon as we can get power back then life will be back to normal with schools re-opening in the morning and hopefully public transport up and running.

Driving into work late this morning it was obvious that the island withstood this latest hurricane, our third in 12 months, much better than it did last year for Gonzalo and Fay.

The track of Hurricane Joaquin was pretty strange as he didn’t cone around the Atlantic but instead came south, sat on the Bahamas for a few days and then exited almost the way it came. Joaquin came within about 60 miles of the north west of Bermuda last night, when last week it was predicted to make landfall 800 odd miles away along the coast of the Carolina’s. In fact it has moved so far east that is now on track for Britain this coming weekend. Sorry about that!

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