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Charlton Athletic 2 Fulham 2

Had to take a deep breath after that. A fantastic Johnnie Jackson inspired comeback must not deflect mostly how useless we were up until the 81st minute. Does it paper over the cracks or will Guy Luzon and his players use this as a catalyst to turn the corner. 

We started brightly and before my coffee was poured McAleny should have put us ahead, but the first half should have ended even but for another Nick Pope spill. He has to remove that from his game pronto or sadly he will just not cut it at any level higher than League Two. I will suggest that losing Ben Roberts has not improved Pope’s game.

Frankly the 2nd half was lamentable from us, and for me it was only a matter of time before Fulham got their 2nd and with McCormack playing it was always likely. 

It was the first time I have seen the side in the flesh during this run and we looked fragile and just ready to break at the slightest thing to go against us. The eleven players out there at that point looked shorn of ideas and I am not sure how Luzon’s crouched barking was helping. The addition of Bergdich not making any difference.

Jackson’s appearance on the sidelines lifted the crowd and when he was finally introduced he brought the house down. Leader, legend, an inspiration. When that corner came across there was no one else on the pitch more determined to get to it first. A place, perhaps in a five-man midfield, has to be found for the skipper.

After that the shackles were off, Jackson had changed the whole mood and we drove forward showing character seriously lacking up until then. Then in the 96th minute Cousins bravely thumped in a KAG cross and were level. There was still time for JBG put Watt through and see his shot deflected wide. Perhaps we should start every game at 90 minutes!

I suppose we won’t know what it all meant until the Reading game. In the meantime more players, new or recovered from injuries are needed. Moussa’s return was a plus for sure. 

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  1. Mark #

    Jackson has to play,as a leader his calmness in midfield is long overdue.

    October 4, 2015
  2. Raz #

    I’m with you on this, papered over the cracks, Luzon seems to offer very little (except falling out with players) unlike Jackson who is a star and a match winner, I’m afraid the clown label fits

    October 4, 2015
  3. a2c #

    Yeah well only JJ can sort ourn ahrt n thass juss wot e did today.

    October 4, 2015

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