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Lost in translation?

This Blog is not meant to be a Katrien or Roland basher but sometimes they don’t help themselves.

Katrien Meire has given an interview to Belgian business newspaper L’Echo. It was a while ago when things around here were a little more upbeat. Dave, Brian and Wyn have each talked about it so I won’t repeat it in detail here, but there are many things to be disappointed with as again Meire shuns her own companies media channels which interacts with fans and insists on giving these kind of interviews to random third party outlets.

The belligerent nature of the interview may show her well in a swanky business newspaper but it makes her look stupid and out of the touch with the customers of the business of which she is the CEO.

The interview was given in French and we are right to remember that the text has run through a Google translator, however expect that the translation is more or less accurate.

Anyway it made me angry.

More importantly the Addicks ‘welcome’ the TV cameras to The Valley tomorrow. Who remembers Brian Moore perched in a wooden scaffold on the East Terrace? Ok, Derek Hales’ hat trick? We could do with some of that tomorrow.

We have not beaten Fulham in 8 attempts and not won in front of the cameras since 1976, well that’s what it seems like. Luzon spoke well in week and it is a perfect platform to bring a smile to back our faces and start looking upwards and not in our rear view mirrors. Defeat before the international break would send the pessimists amongst us into a fog.

And who knows what sort of mood Roland will be in? Maybe it will be more than free tea and coffee he eliminates.

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  1. CA
    I am sure that katrien is a very clever person and very highly qualified , but she should not be the CEO at Charlton because she does not have the requisite experience. Go and have a look at her cv on LinkedIn.
    Charlton is about to become the longest job she has ever held in her entire career. It’s plainly ridiculous but that’s what happens when football clubs become the plaything of old rich men.

    October 3, 2015

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