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Hurricane Joaquin

After pummeling parts of the central Bahamas for more than 3 days and with a ship lost, the 3rd hurricane of the 2015 season Joaquin continued to move away from the east coast of the United States and towards a little blip in the Atlantic Ocean, Bermuda.

Joaquin’s eyewall, the ring of extreme winds surrounding the eye itself, is moving towards us at 17mph and is anticipated to pass by the west of the island (our end) at Sunday night. The current predicted nearest approach is 100 miles away but the current CAT 4 storm’s intensity means it may not have much time to weaken before reaching Bermuda bringing 150mph winds and rain. Just great.

The island as I have written many times before deals with the force of major storms very well, but the aftermath of no power, internet, flooding, flight cancellations, ant infestation and the overall feeling of being so isolated is miserable.

The shops were packed today as people stocked up on food, petrol, candles and batteries. I have no idea what people do with the hundreds of batteries they buy, but buy them in bulk they do.

Hopefully the power and internet can stay on beyond tomorrow’s morning television kick off.

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  1. Stephen #

    Living on the Big Island in Hawaii .. I can relate, we like our hurricanes too .. Good luck hope it passes you by !

    October 4, 2015
  2. ConfidentialRick #

    Tin-hat time CA..!.If there’s no blog in the next few days we’ll alert coastguard.

    October 4, 2015

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