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Crystal Palace 4 Charlton Athletic 1

Unsurprising result especially given the team that Luzon put out. It is September and he is already resting players for a game that meant so much to supporters. What was more disappointing was that he didn’t throw on JBG and Watt at the break after successfully keeping the score goalless at half time.

We had 8 minutes of excitement after Sarr headed in to make it 1-2, but another soft penalty and losing the influential Diarra to a straight red and that was the end of that. Pope again keeping the final score down.

Losing was inevitable and two dodgy penalties, a red card and playing a young team will make the pain go away quicker, depending on how many Palace fans you have to see in your walk of life, but the questions are starting to rack up.

Duchatelet is never going to invest in the squad other than the bare minimum of staying in the division. If that looks in doubt he will sack the manager, and provide a little more budget. Meire remains a puppet. It really is that simple.

So, we have to look to Luzon to do better with the tools at his disposal, which include a host of young unexperienced players, completely impratical in the current situation we have found ourselves. We need more astute tactics, more tempo and shrewder formations. Moreover Luzon has to raise morale. He talks a good game, but like last season once he settled, I’d rather see his actions on the pitch. Let’s give him that opportunity. It is only September afte all.

Nonetheless the sequence of 4-1 League Cup games is over, we can concentrate on the league. No, we really should. 

Addick Bloggers at Sellout:

Elsewhere in the League Cup: If our confidence took a big dent, what about MK Dons, losing at home to Southampton 6-0. Sheffield Wednesday lived up to their favourites tag piling more pressure on Steve McLaren by winning at Newcastle 1-0 and Ipswich went down 3-0 at Old Trafford. 

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  1. a2c #

    Shockin, shockin, shockin juss shockin.

    September 23, 2015
  2. Si Jones #

    Luzon was damned if he played his strongest, and damned if he played his weakest. Sadly they are on a different planet to us these days, so I’m glad he showed them the respect they deserved and put out the weakest side of the season. The league is what matters resting those we could was the right decision, whether we turn it around Saturday or not.

    September 24, 2015
  3. Martin Cowan #

    As a Charlton fan, you can write the script for these matches before they even happen. Just the same as the games with Millwall. It doesn’t seem to matter who the players are and who the coach/manager is, we just end up with a toothless capitulation. Don’t know if you have had the chance to see the two penalties from last night yet, but Jesus those were shocking decisions by the referee.

    September 24, 2015

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