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Charlton Athletic 2 Hull City 1

Thanks again to my ever reliable Mum for the text that sprung to life when I nicked a bit of free wireless at Belize airport this morning (7 hours behind the UK). What a fantastic result. 

Players are falling like flies, but it must have taken a massive team effort to dominate the game and grab all 3 points in the way they did this afternoon. I’ve said for donkey’s years that our games are always the last to finish in the country and I think today’s ended at 102 minutes. Blimey, The Valley must have been rocking at 5pm and my son was there with my brother and I can’t wait to get a full run down tomorrow.

Also a word for Simon Makienok. How we would all love him to be a hero in SE7. Look at the bloke, 8ft, viking status, more tattoo’s than a back street tattoo artist and he is so up for it, he really is. Absolutely delighted to see him get on the scoresheet today. 

And Johann B Gud? A header. Nah…..

Come on you reds!

Addick Bloggers at The Valley: Drinking During the Game; Charlton Casual; Chris Powell’s Flat Cap; Doctor Kish; Albury Addick; Stickleback;

Elsewhere in The Championship: Ipswich won at Preston to stay top, Brighton are 2nd after beating Blackburn at home 1-0. Bristol City got their first win and it was a big one, winning at Middlesbrough. QPR beat Rotherham 4-2, Burnley beat Brentford 1-0 with £9m Andre Gray in the stands and Cardiff had a good win at home to Wolves 2-0 in the late game.

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  1. a2c #

    A good win for ourn who like you n your wireless juss nicked it in time n thass all there is to it.

    August 23, 2015

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