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Oh Reza

He’s back, world cup hero, mercenary, domestic superstar, lightweight, match winner. Whatever he is Roland thinks he has an investment that needs realizing. Our owner got paid for Reza’s loans in Kuwait and Qatar, although probably not as well as Reza, and now he is back under Guy Luzon’s wing, who saw less in him whilst head coach of Standard Liege than Roland obviously did.

The World Cup was a shining moment for Reza, and rightly he wanted to maximize that. However he chose cash over career and now he is back in SE7. I am sure Jacko and Solly are rolling their eyes, but fortunately for Reza most of the rest of the players don’t have a clue who he is, unless they continuously watch highlights of Iran’s Brazil 2014 games.

Whether Reza eats some humble pie and gets his head down and at the prime age of 27 really makes a go of his career in the cut, thrust and globally recognised Championship or he cries off for another lucrative loan spell in India or somewhere, who the hell knows. I’ll guess we’ll see over the next month or so.

In the meantime we are short of striking options, at least with KAG yet to prove himself, Pigott still on Southend’s radar and Igor having a daily appointment with his doctor to pick up his sick note.

Igor won’t play at Bolton tommorrow and his injuries, lack of fitness and general unsuitability for The Championship is becoming a real issue. Reza could be the answer and if he is truly up for it, then I would have him on the bench at Bolton, otherwise he can bugger off.

Simon Makienok was signed as a perfect foil for Watt and Igor. The huge Dane’s presence bringing the speed of Vetokele and the guile and skill of Watt into the game to hurt defences and get us goals. Without a fit Igor then the plan folds, and I think we need to replace him, but we know those players don’t come easily or cheap.

Piotr Parzyszek, the poster child for what a disaster the transfer strategy of those early Duchatelet/Meire days were, has gone on loan to Danish SuperLiga side Randers.

Randers are good though, a Danish title challenging side and regular Europa League qualifiers. Definitely a step up from St-Truiden for the young Pole, whose Charlton contract runs until 2018!! Crazy.

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  1. Tel #

    Funnily enough I watched all of Reza’s games here in the Asian Cup and he looked very useful up against some top Asian sides. If the management can get his head right, I think we have a perfect foil for Makienok, if not as you rightly say, he can burger off.

    July 30, 2015
  2. CA
    I must say it seems highly unlikely to me that an Iranian is going to be prepared to play for an Israeli?

    July 30, 2015
    • Sara #

      An expert on Iran-Israeli relations watching 5 minutes of news? 🙂 Just because the politicians of two countries don’t get along doesn’t mean the people hate each other too. Iran-Israel relations was not always this way; funny enough they used to be allies in the past. So majority of Iranians are apathetic, if not friendly towards Israel. Also considering the fact that Reza left Iran when he was 4 years old, I truly doubt he knows much about Iran’s politics or even cares much about it really!

      He was the one who wanted to come back. He knew who he’d be playing for, so I’m guessing he’s fully prepared to play for Luzon.

      July 30, 2015
  3. Stuart Goodman #

    Hey, I worked in Dnmark earlier in the year and saw RAnders play twicw livew. They are ribbish as id the Danish Superliga too!!

    July 30, 2015
  4. Ry B #

    Reza wasn’t dreaming of going to Kuwait after the World Cup. The way I remember it Reza had offers from Spanish and other English clubs which he was keen on but nothing came out of them. but he can’t just pick where to go of course. Charlton had to agree too.

    I think Reza’s departure last year had very little to do with football, and wasn’t all about money either. Reza’s played well in Qatar, and in the Asian Cup this year and I’m sure had more big paycheck offers from oil countries. Charlton was even ready to let him go and told him to find another club. HE was the one who asked to come back!! If he played just for money he would’ve stayed.

    I feel Reza’s situation was exaggerated by Peeters. He wasn’t exactly known for stellar man management. Rudeness and immaturity on the other hand, yes. It wouldn’t be surprising if he was a reason for Reza wanting to return. Reza did say his childhood dream was to play in England. He’s left a good amount of money to come back and seems happy to be here now.

    I also don’t doubt his will to fight for a spot. While Reza is the most popular player in Iran (he’s saved their neck more times than they can count!), he’s also known for keeping the smallest public profile. so it’s hard to imagine that a player who actively shuns the spotlight in his own country is walking around asking for special treatments in Championship! I think he’ll work for a spot like he did in Asian Cup.
    It’d just be interesting to see whether Reza is given a chance under Luzon and whether he finally finds a way to translate his talent and heroics elsewhere to his game for Charlton.

    August 1, 2015

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