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Sticky wicket

I have my son with us here at the moment which always makes me happy. We have been running around all week, avoiding the heavy rain showers with my daughter, and tomorrow is the start of a four day holiday weekend.

Bermuda’s Cup Match weekend has the annual cricket match between the west and east end’s of the island at it’s core, but there are all kinds of other activities going on mostly held in beating down sun and heat. The rain is expected to clear away for the weekend which will be most welcome.

I always manage to get invited ‘corporately’ to the Cup Match between Somerset and St George’s, which switches ‘ends’ annually and is this year taking place in the west end of the island at St George’s Wellington Oval, where the 1,000 capacity ground will probably have five times that number of people in it, hanging from every pillar and post.

And for ‘corporate’ imagine some scaffolding, wooden boards, tarpaulin, a DJ and the biggest ice box of beers you’ve ever seen. Definitely a tick box must-do Bermuda thing and my son will be there rocking it from Thursday morning with me and a few of my mates.

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  1. So glad the weather will clear for you. The peeps were there on holiday just before the daily rain settled in!

    July 30, 2015

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