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Zakarya Bergdich makes it six

Now, this is an interesting one, and I sincerely hope that our lady CEO has looked deep into the personal file of Zakarya Bergdich.

Recently the Italian media reported that Bergdich allegedly attacked his wife, whilst he was playing for Genoa on loan from Real Valladolid. His wife went to the police claiming that the attack was based on jealousy, but no charges were ever made on Bergdich, and it is thought that his wife withdrew her complaint.

The club are aware of the incident, they have to be, one Google of his name will find a host of Italian and French media reports. Domestic violence is nearly always not a one-off incident, and I really hope that this is the last we ever hear of this alleged behaviour from the new Charlton player.

Anyway, onto his footballing abilities. Bergdich has been in London the whole week discussing terms, and one would hope, personal issues. After the announcement of Cristian Ceballos, the club announced the signing for an undisclosed amount for Bergdich on a 4-year deal.

The 26-year old French born left-sided player has 11 caps for the country of his parents, Morocco. Bergdich begab his career in France making his name at Lens, before being sold to Real Valladolid in 2013 but was on loan to Serie A side Genoa for the final three months of last season playing regularly.

Guy Luzon said: “We identified Zakarya as a player who possesses a lot of pace on the left side of the pitch, and I’m very pleased that we are able to confirm him as a Charlton player.”

Bergdich has played at the very highest level in France, Spain and Italy and could turn out to be an exciting player. If Rhoys Wiggins stays to compete for the left back spot with Morgan Fox, then I’d expect Bergdich to be deployed on the left side of midfield.

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  1. LP #

    Are the last two as tall as the others? Don’t tell me Roly has gone off piste a bit having moved away from anyone with Belgian connections and gone with anyone over 6 and a half feet. Lets hope they, and the head coach, are given time to get to know each other and play as a team, or does this happen every season?

    July 25, 2015
  2. LP #

    PS. When the season actually starts could you do your little list for me again so I know who they all are? I’m losing track of who does what and where they have come from. It was very handy last year – I had to keep it with me for months before it all sank in – and now half of them have gone. Oh well – I should thank Roly really for trying to keep the grey matter active.

    July 25, 2015
  3. I will LP. Just for you.

    July 25, 2015

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