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Park the coaches

With Bolton’s goalkeeping coach Lee Turner (photo) set to join David Martane on Guy Luzon’s coaching staff we are left to wonder when they will have some more players to coach….

Dougie Freedman & Lennie Lawrence took Turner with them when they left Palace for Bolton in 2012. Freedman knew the 50-year old from when he finished his playing career at Southend United. Turner is Scottish but played his football at Ebbsfleet and Margate before moving into coaching with Southend. Former Addicks favourite Andy Hughes is at Bolton and I would expect gave Turner rave reviews of life in SE7.

David Martane is someone we should know more about, because he will probably one day take over from Guy Luzon as head coach. Let’s be honest, that wouldn’t be a surprise would it? Little is known of Martane, who is just 27 years old, so I took it upon myself to find out about him.

Martane was born in France but he has dual French-Israeli citizenship after living in Israel for 10 years where he completed three years of military service.

An average player in his youth Martane took to coaching and was the translator and assistant to Luis Fernandez when the French coach led the Israeli national team. This is where he got to know Luzon, who was the U21 manager. The pair then landed at Standard in the summer of 2013, Martane becoming the surprise assistant of Luzon at just 25-years old.

Martane stayed at Standard after Luzon was sacked and recently worked under Jose Riga. Martane takes the roll of first team coach at Charlton, with Damian Matthew stepping up to the role of assistant head coach. Luzon is of course head coach and who knows where this leaves the team coach driver!

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