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Come in no. 9

Summer signing number three. Palermo’s 6ft 7inch Danish striker was unveiled today by the club on a season long loan. Makienok will wear the no. 9 shirt.

Despite the first impressions of a Thor like tattooed giant, he seems like a nice boy in the video interview and Addicks will be able to relate to that “goosebumps” feeling he had walking into The Valley today. Let us hope he gives a few Championship defenders plenty of goosebumps too.

I mentioned the other day that I could not remember a player that tall ever playing for the Charlton, certainly in my time, and the club tend to agree and I am sure someone is rustling through the record books to check.

Instantly most of us of a certain age will think of Carl Leeeeeaburn. He was 6ft 3, so was Scott Carson. John Pearson seemed tall, but he was about 6ft 2. Makienok is a giant, although he is an inch shorter than famous bean pole Peter Crouch.

I am sure there will be plenty of chatter before the season of Luzon reverting to the long ball game he preferred at Standard, but he moulded the team pretty well into a fast tempo side with plenty of movement and was happy to play both direct and patiently last season. Makienok certainly gives the Israeli some alternative options.

Many Addicks have spotted Frederic Bulot locally in the area and it is thought that talks have stalled since the change of ownership at Standard Liege, but both Bulot and Luzon are keen for the permanent transfer of the Gabon international to happen. Watch this space.

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  1. Louis Kleinman #

    It does not require the long-ball game to take advantage of a giant striker. Remember the days when the ball used to be crossed from the wings?

    July 2, 2015
  2. Wasn’t Ootenbogart, the reserve keeper, the tallest Addick?

    July 2, 2015
    • Hmm, I had to look him up. Albert Uytenbogaardt, one of many South African’s to play for the club and number two to Sam Bartam after the war. No idea how tall he was?

      July 2, 2015
      • I think he was 6ft 8. I saw him score a goal from a goal kick once, the opposing keeper touched it as it bounced over his head

        July 2, 2015

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