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What is the point of Valley Gold?

Despite it being no surprise to any Addick, confirmation of Joe Gomez’s transfer to Liverpool today has left me with an air of despondency. This has not been helped by the apparent readiness with which Ben Roberts is talking to Brighton about moving there as their goalkeeping coach, after Katrien Meire gave the parties permission.

Despite the fee being typically undisclosed by Charlton (Liverpool historically have been happy to announce fees) all of the media outlets are stating that Gomez signed for £3.5m on a 5-year deal. Meanwhile those in the club have attempted to squash that and say it is higher. Whatever it is, Charlton fans will want to see all of the sale money redistributed back into the squad and not Roland Duchatelet’s network.

Liverpool have signed a diamond of a young player and I really hope that Joe’s career at Anfield flourishes and doesn’t fester. Sadly Derby have already been named as favourites to sign the 18-year old on a season long loan!

Once in a while a player of Joe Gomez’s quality comes through the ranks, and I am happy to say I saw him play a few times last season. Good luck to the lad, however my only issue with him moving, like Poyet and Jenkinson before him, is that the supporters only get such a small window to enjoy such a prodigious talent.

What value are fans getting from contributing to Valley Gold? What satisfaction are the club’s supporters getting from a young man that has been nurtured through the ranks, but gets flogged after just a handful of games? How does that better the team? How does that improve the direction the club is going in? It doesn’t even allow the club the realise the players true value.

Sadly if you look at what Duchatelet has done at Standard, then this is the Duchatelet way. Made in Charlton, sold as soon as they leave the factory.

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  1. DrCheese #

    It’s happend before without RD and it will happen again and at times like with jenkinson it helped the club overall so let’s pray that it’s the same again. So forget about what rats done with standard no matter who’s in charge of clubs like ours we are always gonna lose the best from our academy. Can’t stand rd but can’t blame him it’s the way football is sadly

    June 20, 2015
    • Basil the Addick #

      But at least in the past we used to have our best home grown youngsters play in the first team a bit longer before they were sold on. Parker and Konch are prime examples – although I accept we were in the Prem then – and before that Bowyer and Robert Lee. It seems that Jenkinson, Gomez and Poyet hardly stayed any longer than the traitor Defoe.

      June 22, 2015
  2. RB #

    The ‘whats the point of Valley Gold’ issue is a point I made earlier in the week. This time last year we lost Poyet, that was put down to bad management, but we now must assume Diego would have left anyway, the only difference being a fee would have been paid had his contract been longer. The Gomez sale really must be a kick in the teeth for all Valley Gold members, I used to be a member but I cancelled once we reached the Premier League as I decided my well earned contribution was a drop in the ocean. I am still a season ticket holder but I’m glad I bailed out of Valley Gold when I did, rather than line rich men’s pockets.

    June 20, 2015
  3. Jon Kool #

    Of course we would all like to see our young talents in CAFC shirts for a number of seasons but you need to appreciate:

    1) Joe only signed his last contract extension on the basis that we would allow him to move to a top Prem club if they came a calling.

    2) Richard Cawley has indicated that the deal is a fair size larger than £3.5 million.

    We are and always will be a selling club and in the post Bosman world the clubs have minimal leverage whereas the players (and their agents) hold all the aces !

    June 20, 2015
  4. Wyn Grant #

    When it comes to a top Premiership club, it is difficult to stop players leaving, indeed I would not want to do so. They are the price makers and we are the price takers, but even £3.5m would not be a bad return and it looks as if it will ultimately be £6m-£7m. I am certainly keeping my Valley Gold subscription. It helps to give lots of youngsters the chance to develop their football skills.

    June 21, 2015
  5. Raith C Chattonell #

    Whilst it’s true that Charlton have always been a selling club, we were at one time allowed to witness a certain amount of a player’s development – nowadays you have to get in quick to see the youngsters.

    Jenkinson, Poyet and Gomez started 51 games for Charlton between them, As I only attend the home games I guess that’s (say) 25 performances I witnessed – averaging a little over 8 games each. The worse thing is there isn’t really a place for Jenkinson at Arsenal, Poyet at West Ham and I doubt Gomez at Liverpool. What a wicked, money driven, greedy old World eh?

    June 21, 2015
  6. Tom Weeks #

    I can stomach Gomez leaving for a decent fee to Liverpool but seeing him line up next season playing for our Championship rivals on loan (Derby – we are lead to believe), would be a blow. Granted he is now Liverpool’s player and they can do what they want with him but his development on loan at Charlton would be as good if not better than any other Championship club.

    June 21, 2015
  7. Martin Cowan #

    What needs to happen – and who knows if it ever will – is that some of these young players need to show a bit more loyalty to their clubs, and stick with them for a few more seasons. I have no doubt that Gomez will not be running out at Anfield any time soon, and really if he is going to be loaned to a Championship club, wouldn’t he actually be better off staying at Charlton for another couple of seasons. From the club’s point of view, this would 1) boost his value even more and 2) ensure the club keeps its best players with the increased possibility of success on the pitch. If a young player like Joe actually thought there was a chance of Premier League football at the Valley, would that stop this kind of thing happening?

    June 21, 2015
    • Dan Briord #

      What would you do in his situation…? Yes it would be nice of him to stay but unrealistic to expect it. He has swelled our coffers considerably so well done Katrien for getting him on long contract last year (unlike Diego).

      June 21, 2015
  8. Thanks for the comments and Raith has summed up my disappointment. I have seen young players sold for decades and I get that, but flogging them after a handful games sticks in the throat and basically adds nothing positive to the fans or the team.

    June 21, 2015
  9. Ketts #

    Thing is CA, we didn’t actively seek to sell Gomez, anymore than Liverpool are seeking to sell Sterling or Man Utd DeGea. Neither Jenks nor Poyet would sign new deals, so we had no choice re their departures. The Jenks money fuelled the L1 title season, let’s hope the Gomez money is used as wisely. Re him going (possibly) to Derby on loan, this could be because Liverpool want him to live away from home to aid his development. Many of our academy players live in digs, but Joe is a local lad & would live at home if he returned to The Valley. Perhaps Liverpool think that would be too comfortable. It could also be that we didn’t want him back on loan, such a deal would have reduced the fee. I guess we’ll never know for sure

    June 21, 2015
  10. Ketts #

    Forgot to add Joe’s quote that he made after completing his move:

    “I’ve known for a little while now (that Liverpool were interested in me) and I’ve wanted to come here for a while as well. but as it has become more of a reality over the past few days and weeks, I’ve just been buzzing. I just wanted it to get done.”

    June 21, 2015
  11. Roger Somerville #

    I left VG as soon as RD made his intentions plain in his early public speech, ‘you know’.
    He sees the Academy as a cash cow and whether it benefits our club, the network or his bank balance is none of our business according to KM.
    I wrote to KM and RM giving my reasons for leaving and until they get in championship standard players and keep our own talent, I stand by my decision. If it goes to form we will get a mix of network rejects, players untested at the intense championship level like La Pointless and late signings who could not get in a decent team elsewhere, with all due respect to Roger Johnson.
    Not to worry we still have Jordan Cousins, don’t we?
    Do not blame the player, going back even to Scott Parker I suggest any budding professional should jump at the chance to progress rather than regret it at the end of a loyal career.
    We will not hear the CAFC plans for this season or beyond so as usual we pay for our season ticket and hope things will change.
    Lets hope we get off on the right foot at Welling this year!!
    Roger Somerville

    June 21, 2015
    • I wonder how many like you have lapsed their Valley Gold membership Roger. Thing is RD probably doesn’t worry as he will fund it at least until he moves on. But I doubt if either he or Katrien know or care about the history of VG, which was instrumental in the rebirth of the club in the late 80’s.

      I expect the non-communication to continue. An update now on the club’s plans and ambitions for the season would not go amiss, but I don’t expect we’re worthy.

      June 22, 2015
  12. John Morris #

    Like Tom Week’s comment above, I do have a problem with Joe Gomez being loaned to another Championship side. When Crystal Palace sold Wilfred Zaha to ManU, I understand that part of the deal was that he was loaned back to Palace for the rest of the season. There is no denying that, but for his contribution that season, Palace would still be plying their trade in the Championship! Like clauses that are inserted into loan deals, where the two parties are in the same league, which forbid the player concerned from playing against their parent club, surely it would have been possible, as part of the deal, to have insisted that if Gomez is loaned out, it has to be to Charlton?

    Behind Enemy Lines

    June 22, 2015

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