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Gomez gone by the end of the week

Various outlets including the GuardianTelegraph and the Liverpool Echo are predicting that Liverpool will make Joe Gomez their latest summer signing this week. The price mentioned, which I think originated in the Echo, is a paltry £3.5m, with further performance-related add-ons. 

If true that would truly disgust me but later in the day and closer to home Rich Cawley in the South London Press thinks that the deal would more likely consist of at least £5m up front, possibly £6m with add-ons making the total in the region of £10m.

Any loan deal back would have to wait, but if the clubs could make that happen then that would certainly make losing the prodigious talent taste a little less sour.

We shouldn’t be surprised that Gomez has moved on, the club have found it increasingly hard to keep a young talent in the building for much longer than a handful of appearances. Add to that Roland Duchatelet’s strategy of profiteering from young players as soon as an offer is on the table, then it can’t come as a surprise to anyone.

A move to Liverpool looks likely and Gomez could be having an Anfield medical later in the week, but with Aston Villa and Arsenal also in the frame, I would be utterly dismayed if Meire and Duchalelet didn’t hold out for the very best deal possible for the club, not just the network.

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  1. LP #

    And just what is the point in remaining in Valley Gold? I know our good youngsters have always moved on eventually but we are seeing less and less of them.

    June 19, 2015

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