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New mascots

It’s hard to fathom that Floyd & Harvey have been strolling around on the sacred Valley turf for 17 years, mostly, it has to be said, unnoticed.

The club retired the cat and the dog after the Bournemouth game and asked fans to design a new club mascot, preferably one that actually meant something as opposed to generic family pets. And this is what was chosen. A robin and a Valiant knight.

The picture is of the original drawings by supporters Alice Swanton and Cody Carter and the club will be back out with the final names and outfits before the season kicks off.

I personally think they look great and far more represent Charlton’s history and image. It’s a shame that we couldn’t have a bloody big haddock, but a robin and a valiant were and still are all part of the club’s heritage.

I wonder how the club will fashion these drawings into ‘real life’ characters? Mind you any mascot volunteer will be glad that we don’t play in the summer.

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  1. Well done for the very artistic drawings by the Winners….And a Bloody Big Addock …Well apparently there was only one Call FEEEEESH….As for our Valiant Knight…How long before Health and safety will get rid of the Sword and Shield…..Spoilsports.

    June 12, 2015

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