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Vista view

The club announced today the renaming of the still infantile Keith Peacock Suite to the The Vista.

“The new lounge will be a modern and sophisticated environment being located on the third floor of the West Stand covering two floors and offering outstanding views of London. This lounge will allow you to experience much more than just 90 minutes of action on the pitch.”

Am I alone in wondering why one would pay £350 to be greeted by a friendly hostess to look out of a window to see a car park fantastic views of London and then be lucky enough to buy “mouth watering food” and pay for drinks from “an extensive range.”

Am I missing something?

I get why some people can and will pay more for comfort and added extras but this is the umpteenth time recently the club has rolled out a new initiative that is equally as bizarre as it is unappealing.

In the meantime new seats are going in the West Stand, which is lovely and all, but how about getting some bums on those seats. What are the latest season ticket sales by the way?

I have never been a lounge lizard, yes, so what am I moaning about, but it is the messaging that gets me every time. Anyway, nothing to see here, just another slow news day.

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  1. Der. It’s called building a better tomorrow, together.Could be costly…..

    May 28, 2015
  2. confidentialrick #

    “Mouth watering food”.?..Hope all that collective drooling doesn’t affect the pitch..

    May 29, 2015

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