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Congratulations Cherries

Great tweet sent out tonight by Charlton after Bournemouth won 3-0 at home to Bolton to all but guarantee their promotion to the Premier League before they visit The Valley on Saturday.

CAFC press officer Iain Liddle leaves the club after Saturday, and he’ll be feeling pretty pleased with himself after that gem of a tweet tonight. Iain and his team, past and present, have done a terrific job, in often very trying circumstances, in building Charlton’s social media presence to the standing it has today.

Watford host Sheffield Wednesday and the Cherries come to us with their fates decided a week earlier than anticipated after Middlesbrough lost at Fulham on Saturday. Bournemouth will still be hoping to win the title on a ground where one of their players collected a champions medal 3 years previously.

Yann actually blasted a penalty over the bar tonight, but by then the game was over after Pugh and Ritchie scored two quick goals to put Bournemouth 2-0 ahead at half-time. Top scorer Callum Wilson added a third near the end to spark mass celebrations from the 10,000 in the stadium.

I am happy that we don’t go into Saturday’s game knowing that Bournemouth had to win, although I imagine that  the 4,500 or so expected to be at The Valley will be a lot happier. It should be a carnival atmosphere and I look forward to welcoming them to a stadium that has been fortunate to witness what they will over the next 12 months.

Nothing against Bournemouth, very pleased for them in fact. A club that gets 10,000 fans to home games will certainly be very newsworthy next season under the lights of Sky TV’s Premier League.

It’s also naive to think that this is a small town club that got lucky. In Eddie Howe they have one of the best young managers in Europe and he and ex-Addick Jason Tindall have planned meticulously for this moment. They have however spent a lot of Maxim Demin’s money, and with the help of the FFP amendments, which unsurprisingly Bournemouth voted in favour of, they will reap the benefits of some very good investments.

Let’s be honest there are many clubs in The Championship that have spent much more, and are in a hell of a mess financially. It will be those clubs that will be jealous of Bournemouth’s achievement. No jealously here.

Roll on Saturday.

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  1. SLC Addick #

    Congratulations to the Cherries. Unusually the game was televised in the U.S. And filmed very close to the pitch (I guess it is a small ground). The game was a stunning advertisement for a strong Championship team. Dynamic, fast paced, end to end and a devastating joy to watch. Is football always this exciting? If we withstand this assault at the weekend I will be even more impressed with Charlton this season than I have been. From the depths they pulled us back and I am very very proud. Thanks for the highs and lows. We wouldn’t want it any other way would we? The Charlton way. COYR.

    April 29, 2015

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