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Bunny, bunny, bunny

Back to the work grind this morning after a laid back Easter weekend on the barrier island of Amelia Island, which lies just south of the Georgia and Florida state border.

This charming, leafy and pedestrian oceanside refuge hit all the right notes for a lovely break. The hotel was a kid’s paradise and it went to town with the Easter bunny, who even paid us a visit to our room one night bringing milk and cookies.

12,000 eggs were laid out for the Sunday morning Easter egg hunt, which about 150 kids swept up into baskets ranging from supermarket plastic bags to elaborate picnic hampers in about five minutes flat. Our little ‘un took my tactical advice and ignored the kids stopping at the first sign of them, and ran to the back to make out like a bandit until the other kids cottoned on.

The nearby historical town of Fernandina Beach had some great stories to tell and it’s tree-lined roads and cutesy shops were extremely complaisant adding to the happy-go-lucky atmosphere. The highlight, for us anyway, was the river cruise that took us out onto the inland waterways that joined Georgia and Florida together.

Our very knowledgable captain spent almost the entire two and a half hour-tour telling us passengers of the area’s nature and historical importance, which was very absorbing.

On the last night we had a fantastic dinner in the hotel’s renowned restaurant called Salt. The tasting menu was delectable and they made just enough fuss of the other half for her birthday.

Jackonsville’s neat and convenient airport made Amelia Island an easy visit and if you are a golfer, hiker, fisherman, nature lover or simply want to get away from it all, then I’d recommend this part of Florida, but if it’s not Easter, you will need to bring your own life-size bunny!

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  1. charltonlane #

    70-odd eggs each?

    April 7, 2015
    • It’s America mate, land of the free. You should have seen some of the fat kid’s ‘baskets.’ Our little ‘un ended up with about 15!

      April 7, 2015

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