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Millwall 2 Charlton Athletic 1

For the entirety of the today’s game I was fortunate enough to be out on a boat off Amelia Island in Florida the captain navigating his craft through the islands of the inland waterway moving frequently across the Georgia and Florida stateline.

For almost the entirety of the game I had absolutely no signal on my phone. Disconcerting and liberating in equal measures.

My Livescore app found an ounce of satellite just as Diarra had given us a lead. The signal disappeared as quick as it had came until the game was in injury time. Typically my football club had capitulated for the umpteenth time to that lot. I banged out a text to my brother: “Every f—— time.” The reply was less polite.

The game meant nothing to us, just a large amount of pride, but it doesn’t matter who pulls on the shirt or gives the teamtalk, Charlton are never able to muster an ounce of it in this game.

Albury Addick sums up my post match feelings perfectly.

Addick Bloggers at The Den: Chris Powell’s Flat Cap; Doctor Kish

Elsewhere in the League: Millwall’s relegation rivals all lost. Rotherham at home to Birmingham, Wigan at Middlesbrough and Fulham were embarrassed at home to Brentford. Norwich won at Brighton, Ipswich and Bournemouth drew 1-1 and Derby, who are now 6th drew with Watford 2-2.

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  1. Nigel Reddick #

    “I don’t know what I’m doing” said a short fat bloke who was “coordinating” the half time pitch entertainment. He was very angry two Charlton kids hadn’t turned up to participate in the zorb racing. See any parallels?

    We’ve watched the “pen” a few times, and by virtue of the latest technology (freezing the picture on the sky remote umpteen times) we can’t tell if Chris handled it or not. What you can see is his head jerk back significantly. Enough said. And a straight red? Do me favour.

    I’d love to see the free kick count. I reckon he awarded us about 3. Tony Watt being wrestled to the ground with a Spanners arm around his neck – thats not a yellow of course. Igor being taken out by someone on a yellow – don’t worry ref just brush over that one

    We didn’t help ourselves though. Before the pen we were poor. After it we had an excuse for not being great.

    There were positives CA. Addicks fans were magnificent. Completely outsung the Spanners. The pen save and goal celebrations were mental. I’ll treasure them for the rest of my life. Henderson’s kicking may have been pants but his handling and shot stopping were formidable. And Foxy was first class.

    But who do I blame the most for defeat yesterday? Me and my son I’m afraid. 3 wins in about 36 matches this season and last – reckon we are the jinx, not the Spanners….

    Pembury Addick

    April 4, 2015
  2. It was Hooiveld (wearing 5) who was already on a yellow (for wrestling Watt to the ground) when he did the same to Vetokele. No foul given, and of course, he scored the winner.

    April 4, 2015

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