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Pitch imperfect

Have you seen Blackpool’s pitch? How dare they, you’d never see that at The Vall…. Oh.

Of course whilst the Spivs didn’t have a pot to pee in, the cuddly and charming Karl Oyston’s Blackpool have just posted a pre-tax profit of £9.45m for the financial year ending May 2014, this includes £11m paid to club’s owner and Karl’s father Owen, and another £23.7m moved to other Oyston companies used apparently for items such as ground improvements and maintenance. The pitch obviously not qualifying as ground maintenance.

As others have said, for every Roland Duchâtelet there is a Karl Oyston. I also don’t expect that Roly’s old man was sentenced to 6 years in prison for rape.

You have to feel for those Blackpool supporters, who are paying back in spades the pride they felt during their one year in the Premier League. In fact Blackpool are still receiving parachute payments, and pocketed £12m last season, an amount that would have covered the entire player costs for Charlton, with some change left over.

Blackpool’s season has been an unmitigated disaster but I hope our players remember their own dismal display in the first fixture at The Valley which more than any result during Peeters winless spell underscored so many of our problems.

The Bloomfield Road pitch may well be a factor in Guy Luzon’s team sheet tonight. Yoni Buyens for example struggles to get involved on a carpet, and Joe Gomez I would think would be worthy of recall, perhaps in place of Chris Solly, who knees may need some respite. Diarra and Eagles could both feature I reckon as Luzon tinkers with his squad.

Anyway for those of you up on the seaside, you’ll get to see a football game and a beach at Bloomfield Road tonight.

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