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Wigan Athletic 0 Charlton Athletic 3

Blimey. No really, blimey.

No two ways about it, that was a terrific result tonight in what was undoubtedly a six pointer up at the DW, and whatever the 533 Addicks envisioned on their journey’s up, I am sure it wasn’t what they then witnessed. My total respect to them.

I’m thrilled actually, well of course I’m thrilled, but supporting Charlton recently has been thoroughly depressing and I lay in bed last night thinking about this post I wrote, and I thought enough is enough. No more negativity. It is really wearing me down. Support the team, and the manager.

Well done to Guy Luzon for going back to basics, tightening the defence with Stephen Henderson fundamental and playing Watt and Vetokele together. Bulot has been a revelation as well.

Luzon may, or may not be responsible for the signings of Roger Johnson and Chris Eagles, but he is entitled to take credit, however as head coach he ultimately is responsible for organization, shape, game-plan and tactics. He also needs buy-in and after a very shaky start, he looks as if he may have got it.

Winning breeds confidence, the other stuff is the other stuff, but a 3-0 win away from home on a Friday night is something else.

Enjoy your weekends’ Addicks.

Addick Bloggers at the DW Stadium: Chris Powell’s Flat Cap;

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  1. California Addick #

    Fully understand the dichotomy. Great win and by all accounts a good plan and effort. After Wigan’s win earlier this week must admit was worried.

    But what we all knew was missing were two strong forwards and no suprise in two games our pressure has led to goals. At last Watt has brought great support to Vitokele and taken pressure off him.

    Six goals is almost unheard of in two games in last 2-3 years.

    As true supporters we are happy when we win. Fourteen weeks of not winning destroys us. And as you say all the other stuff moves to the side when we win. When players fight to win then win or lose you can live with it and the last 180 minutes there would appear no doubt they wanted to win.

    Yes a great way to start the weekend

    February 20, 2015
  2. I can’t help from wanting this manager to fail, I’m not sure why, he was appointed by someone else who did or didn’t mislead us about the recruitment process.

    However, despite how he got here, I want the team to do well and after an indifferent period it does look like he is getting things right – and this win was without the skipper!

    If we can win 3-0 away without JJ, maybe this Guy Luzon chap has something about him, after all.

    Up the Addicks!

    February 20, 2015
    • KHA,

      Agree, although we are as fickle as the next football fan, I do think the bridge that needs to be built between Luzon and the fans is going to take a long time. It probably will always be an uneasy relationship and that’s if he is given time.

      But if he keeps winning 3-0, I will put up with him. No pressure then…..

      February 21, 2015
  3. ken #

    An excellent win, and two on the spin!
    Whatever our issues with the current management, and I for one still have plenty of those, we all support the team, and have to get behind them. I guess we all knew that the team with a few decent additions, and playing people in the right position would be more like it. But credit to the lads who three games ago looked a dispirited lot. As supporters we win or loose together, and we will be there next week, next year, and probably for life…….. long after the players and management have departed. Pity that the current management will not work with the fan’s, things could be so much better, but who knows in football there is always hope!

    February 21, 2015
  4. anotherdean #

    I was out enjoying a meal with my family while the match was on. My eldest two boys joked, “Another 3-0 tonight, Dad?” “Yeah, that would be nice,” I laughed nervously as we all heard the ding that signified kick off.

    Always hoping, yet always pessimistic: it’s the Charlton way, right?

    With each subsequent “ding” we’d glance to see who’d scored and were left stunned with what turned out to be a brilliant but completely unexpected win. And who’d have ever thought that we’d be cheering for “Eagles”?!

    Will be watching today’s results carefully. We jumped 6 places last night so am hoping for plenty of low scoring draws, although Leeds are going to have their work cut out for them at Middlesbrough, which suits me just fine.

    February 21, 2015

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