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Jackson’s vital role

I still have serious reservations about the ability of Guy Luzon, but credit where credit is due. On Saturday he had the foresight to play four defenders, four midfielders and two strikers, all in their right position. He also dropped ‘network’ keeper Dmitrović and returned Stephen Henderson to the side, who again proved why he is the club’s #1 and the Irishman was the foundation for the long awaited victory.

Luzon is right to distance himself from the performances and results leading up to his appointment but he has now had over a month with the players and it is apparent to me that something happened between the Norwich game on Tuesday and Saturday and I am unsure whether this was entirely Luzon’s doing.

Before Saturday Johnnie Jackson spoke of the players needing to “pull their weight and put a shift in,” asking if the fans can back them like they did last season. The skipper promised that “we’ll give “everything we’ve got to get out of this situation. I just hope they can help us make it.”

A familiar rallying cry from the most influential Addicks’ captain since Mark Kinsella and it tells me that he’d had enough. I would bet that Jackson had a far more significant role in motivating the team before the Brentford game than Luzon, and the message was clear to those players who don’t give a jot about the club.

Showing that Jackson has more connection with Addicks’ sensitivities than most, he also added: “There are a lot of things that they (the supporters) are frustrated with, but we as players can’t effect that. The only thing we can try to effect is matches. It could have been a lot worse. I don’t think a lot of it is aimed towards the players to be honest, with the feedback I’m getting.”

Before kick off the skipper rallied all three home stands and the crowd responded to him and his team mates in spades. The club and the shirt will after all always be bigger than any ownership regime, whatever their ego’s may tell them.

Jackson will now be missing after injuring his calf on Saturday. That is a huge loss, additionally we now have to suffer Yoni Buyens’ non-committed performances again because the skipper is expected to be out for a couple of weeks. I just hope that the skipper can be in the dressing room on Friday evening.

The unfortunate Rhoys Wiggins will also be missing after picking up another injury, and one would hope that Roger Johnson could be strapped up with a painful broken rib for Friday. How many times Katrien and Roly need to be reminded of the ultra thin make-up of the squad I don’t know.

Interestingly today Katrien Meire has announced that the previously closed VIP meeting will be “filmed and shown in full” on the Official Site Wednesday morning, the same day as the fan’s meeting at the Woolwich Grand Theatre. A pure coincidence I am sure.

450 VIP season ticket fans have been invited for a Q&A with CEO Meire, Non-Executive Chairman Richard Murray and Guy Luzon. The previous VIP meetings have been in private.

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  1. Agree wholeheartedly about Jackson. It’s quite amazing the effect that one person can have sometimes…

    February 16, 2015
  2. Great read, CA. Johnnie remains a vital part of this club. A real Charlton man. It will be a very dark day for me when he eventually moves on.

    I watched him closely last Tuesday v’s Norwich and he looked angry and deeply frustrated. It was heartbreaking to watch him suffer like that. He looked like a man who couldn’t suppress his thoughts any longer, so no surprise he gave a battle cry before the Brentford game.

    Like you, I wasn’t entirely convinced that Luzon was behind Saturday’s surprising performance, but to offer some credit to Guy, I wonder if the new coach finally recognized how important Johnnie’s input would be and encouraged elements of it that he may of otherwise not picked up on. If that was the case, it’s an inspired observation that got instant result. Just a thought.

    Either way, I’m holding Johnnie responsible for Saturday. Luzon will have to earn my respect in a way Johnnie has done hundreds of times over.

    February 16, 2015
  3. Martin Cowan #

    If we’re going to blame Luzon for poor performances, I think we do have to give him credit for turning things round.

    February 16, 2015
    • I will Martin, but let’s wait until he has turned it around.

      February 16, 2015
  4. Martin Cowan #

    Quite right. and I am feeling that nothing less than 3 points on Friday will really do it.

    February 16, 2015

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