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Charlton Athletic 3 Brentford 0

A first win since November 8th, and a long awaited burst of pride. Charlton fans deserve their smiles on their faces tonight.

Not for the first time in recent years Addicks’ fans backed the shirt and not the regime today and they got their rewards with not only the biggest win of the season, but also a performance from the players befitting of wearing the famous shirt.

Credit to Luzon, he had them fired up, organized and put round pegs in round holes. I said before the game that he picked the best team possible, even with the inclusion of Bulot, who by all accounts had a very good game on the left side of midfield.

Admittedly picking our best XI is not difficult with the paucity of players available to him, but I am pleased for the Israeli tonight, and particularly pleased for those Addicks who dragged themselves to The Valley, most probably against their better instinct.

The team hasn’t won since Stephen Henderson got injured and his return must have been a huge lift, and the Irishman was the base of a much more solid spine that included Roger Johnson, Johnnie Jackson and at last, Vetokele and Watt up front together. By all accounts Jackson was geeing the home crowd up before the game, and The Valley gave it back in spades.

One win doesn’t make a summer, albeit it was a massive 3 points. Luzon and the team go to Wigan on Friday night, and we are right to expect another big performance. The players are still well in debt.

I spent the majority of the game walking along the beach at the hotel we were at in Florida, and it was so nice to hear of a good display and a win, the abysmal performances and feeling of absolute abjectness has been tough to swallow, and write about.

Nonetheless today’s win should not mask everything that is wrong with the club behind the scenes. The breach of trust, complete lack of communication, the apathetic way in which Roland Duchâtelet brushes us off, and the unhinged strategy of the network, that we have somehow become wrapped up in.

The thousands of empty seats today at The Valley, a home we struggled for so long to get back to, are reason enough to be in Woolwich on Wednesday night.

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Elsewhere in The Championship: Millwall lost at Leeds 1-0, 9-man Blackpool drew at home to Forest in an 8 goal thriller and Brighton and Sheffield Wednesday were goalless at Hillsbrough.

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  1. California Addick #

    You are correct about this game doesn’t make a season,. I think all we have asked of the players is to play for the shirt regardless of what was going on around them. From all the editorial it looks like that happened today unlike some recent games, which a big relief and gives us hope. In fact if you look at the table almost crazy we could move up 4-5 places with a win at Wigan. Hopefully we go for it with two up front. I agree about Henderson and glad the new guy put himself on the line even needing an injection at HT and Watt might be what we have been looking for and still young.

    A better night tonight. I’ll take it!

    February 14, 2015
  2. LP #

    I will be very interested to hear the players side of all this- and I’ll state here and now that todays performance was nothing to do with Luzon – I firmly believe the players themselves decided enough was enough – they read social media too and simply couldn’t have the fans thinking they were that unprofessional any longer. Look at Jackson’s reaction when he got injured? Was that a man who doesn’t care? I think not – but it is what some fans were accusing them of. The only one today I could point a finger out for his blandness was Buyens – but why should he care really – he knows just how it is to be one of Roly’s pawns moved around on a whim. Three really good goals – and who was that number 8? Dear God why can’t he play like that all the time? And good on the players at the end – its just what we need – a bit of bonding with the crowd at long last.

    February 15, 2015

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