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Luzon the will to live

I have no idea if Guy Luzon is a good coach/manager or not, and I have already made my mind up that I don’t want to find out. Harsh on the Israeli I know, but when one gives up professional pride and nails their colours to a mast of a man, so clearly bonkers, then what are you to expect.

Equally there is no evidence in the month since he was been appointed that he has any man-management skills, an ounce of tactical invention or an actual game plan. I’ll give him the benefit of the doubt on his ludicrous rabbit in the headlights press conferences because he is not speaking in his first language.

Unfortunately in the dressing room only Tal Ben Haim speaks in the same tongue and the centre back hates him.

Standard fans were critical as were many of Belgium’s football journalists about Luzon’s actual coaching ability, agreeing that he relied on passionate in the trenches outbursts to rally his troops and get the best out of them, but when it came down to tactics and game management he was poor.

He also had a poor relationship with Standard’s fan base, and as we know fell out with many of the players under his leadership.

Luzon in his one full season in Belgium made Standard hard to beat and relied on a tight defence, pressing high up the pitch and utilising a long ball game. He was also well known for his squad rotation.

He made no friends at Standard despite leading them to the top of the Jupiler League last season before flopping in the play-off’s. Luzon inherited a good team from previous coach Mircea Rednic, who Duchâtelet sacked because he refused to follow instructions.

Fellow countryman Dudu Dahan was responsible for getting Luzon the high profile job with Duchâtelet, and Dahan aggressively courted his client for the Addicks job whilst Bob Peeters was in situ.

Previously Luzon was publicly shunned by Israeli football fans after failing to meet expectations when manager of the countries U21 side during the European Championships in Israel. Most of the angst was at how he was appointed in the first place. Luzon’s uncle was chairman of the Israeli Football Association. He does like a bit of nepotism does our Guy.

The fact is that not only do the Charlton players lack in confidence, so does Luzon who ended last season hopelessly and started this one worse.

Guy Luzon is Ken Craggs, Iain Dowie and Les Reed rolled into one. Never has a new football manager been made to feel so unwelcome. The players either don’t care, are demotivated, unhappy or confused and when someone of the class and predisposition of Chris Solly looks wholly listless then we may as well throw our season tickets onto the pitch.

The apathy is palpable, and we have seen enough. The puppeteer may as well cut the strings and whilst he’s at it, he can take his crackpot ideas with him as well, whatever they are.

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  1. I feel, exactly, the same. It feels illogical to have judged him so quickly, but I’ve never been so sure of something so quickly.

    I don’t want him at our club. It’s not personal – although I did hear he was bragging about taking Peeters job before the former manager was sacked – but I want him as far away from our team as possible.

    February 13, 2015
  2. Totally agree with you C.A., but just ridding our club of the owner would help more, I have supported this club for 64 years, and never have seen anything quite like this state of affairs within the club now, a new owner _ who knows what he’s doing, would not bring in imposters posing as football managers.

    February 13, 2015
  3. Lisbon #

    We’ve now past the point of needing a striker. We need an experienced manager and an owner who will come over and face the music

    February 13, 2015
  4. LP #

    Only disagree with you about Les Reed. Its definitely not what they are saying about him at Southampton right now and he is getting a lot of the plaudits for their current success – never a manager of course, but a coach? Apparently yes.

    February 13, 2015
  5. LP,

    I agree. The issue with Les was that we shouldn’t have promoted him. Having said that, sometimes people need to be promoted above their level of competence for them to realise, themselves, what their level is.

    In an ideal world Les would have been a manager elsewhere and then been willing to come back to us to be a coach.

    He was, clearly, very well respected by Richard Murray and/or Peter Varney as they put him in place before appointing Dowie.

    February 13, 2015
    • Les Reed was promoted above his ability, not as a football man, because he has proven that he is a great football technician, administrator and coach, but the job of a Premier League manager was way beyond him and to his credit, he has never thrown his hat in the ring again.

      Reed should take more credit for his work at Southampton, but I assume he is happy to take a back seat and a man of his intelligence and varied experience I am sure learnt from that dreadful introduction into football management at Charlton.

      I would love him to be a steadying influence at Sparrows Lane now.

      February 13, 2015
  6. LP #

    Is it true about Ms Miere attending a whole list of supporters club meetings? It says so in the Mercury apparently.

    February 14, 2015

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