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Charlton Athletic 2 Norwich City 3

It’s frankly depressing putting these words down on ‘paper.’

I have only the post match views of online Addicks to gauge what happened at The Valley last night. The atmosphere around the fanbase is a mix of anger and sheer hopelessness at the quite staggering negative momentum that we are in, although extraordinary there are still people out there that think it’s all going to be alright.

With what wisdom they make this judgement I do not have a clue.

We are on a runaway train with an out of depth driver in charge, who may or may not have passed his test in a foreign country, and who is taking instructions from a non-communicative mad professor. Make it stop.

And as for Guy Luzon’s after match comments, absurd.

Despairing Addick Bloggers at The Valley: Addicks Championship Diary; Hungry Ted; Chris Powell’s Flat Cap; Drinking During the Game

Elsewhere in The Championship: Forest continued with their new manager bounce stuffing Wigan 3-0. Last night Blackpool lost at home to Middlesbrough, Millwall won away at Birmingham, Rotherham lost at Blackburn, and Brighton drew at Cardiff.

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  1. California Addick #

    Optimism from the few is well misplaced at this point. There has been no attempt from the owner to address anything and basically our Miss K on the spot told us we just have to lump it.

    I cannot understand how any business owner could allow any of this to go on without a word which tells me more than anything that he has no clue and is at the end of the day a penny pincher who will not spend any more money. Loser Luzon was hired because he didn’t cost anything as he was already on gardening leave which is where he should have stayed. That being said I expect he wished he was still there too. Now he has to show up for his money.

    I at least live 5000 miles away and don’t have to decide to spend hard earned money to go and watch drivel that the average fan has to endure week in and week out. That being said having been an avid fan for now about 63 years it is enough to drive me to drink which as it is now happy hour I won’t fight it !

    February 11, 2015
  2. jon #

    That’s good then, one less negative fan at the Valley mind you that won’t help the players, there’s enough of them already.

    February 12, 2015
    • By that then Jon, I take it that you are positive about all things Charlton at the moment?

      February 12, 2015
  3. Raith C Chattonell #

    Something doesn’t add up

    RD is a very rich, intelligent, successful human being who has, it must be said, a glaring gap in his skillset. Lets face it he does not communicate. Maybe he cannot communicate?

    I once read a very interesting book called ‘’Born on a blue day’ It is about a high functioning autistic savant called Daniel Tammet. This guy has amazing skills – way beyond the scope of the normal human reach. He can learn new languages in a matter of days, read two things simultaneously, recite pi to thousands of decimal places and as the book title suggests use colour as an incredibly complex aid to memory and problem solving..

    He cannot however process the nuances of language and empathise in human behaviour. One example I can remember is that he attended an interview and was completely thrown when told to ‘take a seat’. Take it where? was the all consuming thought in his head.

    Look I’m not in any way trying to be offensive here or compare RD to DT but the spectrum of this sort of thing covers a very wide arc indeed. RDs behaviour is undoubtedly, extraordinary under the circumstances and I’m trying to make sense of it.

    To further my hypothesis Lets say RD has recognised the problem and has addressed it by hiring KM as CEO. She is an attractive, intelligent lady – an ideal image to represent him and act on his behalf. However, to all intents and purposes it looks on occasion that he has hung her out to dry … but would he do this intentionally? Either way she appears to be fiercely protective of him.

    Anyway I’m not the first to say this as I know he is referred to as ‘The Rainman’ in certain quarters. They say ‘many a true word is spoken in jest’ … I just wonder sometimes …

    February 12, 2015
  4. LP #

    There is no doubt the man is on the spectrum – absolutely no doubt. But whatever spectrum it is I just want him to go away. I agree about the negativity at the valley though – as I pointed out before on this site. There is no point booing the team and demoralising the players any more. There is no point telling Guy he doesn’t know what he is doing – that is obvious – and it doesn’t matter who is on the touchline – it might as well be a cardboard cutout of Curbishley. Let’s hope Guy is a quick learner and he can see what happened in the 2nd half – we attacked is what happened – its not bloody rocket science. As for the moaners – whilst I am one of their number if anyone makes the mistake of asking me what is going on with my beloved club- I will not boo my team – ever. It is counter-productive. You might feel you are booing the owner – he’s not listening and he doesn’t care. All you are achieving is making it awful for the players and producing a toxic atmosphere that no-one in their right minds will want to share. I do not want to get relegated so please, if you can’t get behing the team right now then protest by staying at home, and those of us who have the stomach for this can get on with supporting our team. For info CA – some fans still think we are better off with this man because they can’t see who else will want to buy us – so they keep harping back to ‘administration’ and the ‘lovely pitch’ and the ‘plans for the training ground’. But they are entitled to their opinion, even though its not one I share.

    February 12, 2015
  5. Mike #

    LP, great to have the best pitch and training ground and smartest stadium…… division 1….or 2 ! The rot that has set in at our beloved club in little over a year will take some stopping. A club on the slide is like an express train or oil tanker – even when the brakes are applied it’s miles before you can finally stop.
    The problem at Charlton is the man at the helm (and his glamerous sidekick) won’t even acknowledge that there’s a problem….

    With a manager who starts home games where we need to score early goals to keep the pressure off a very shaky defence we see a lone striker up front! When through being behind we see an extra striker come on we score 2 goals…… doh, will Guy Loser learn the lesson in time for the Brentford game? I doubt it….
    At best Charlton will only avoid relegation because there are 3 worse teams in the division, and then we’ll be in the same position next season.

    The answer is staring the regime in the face, just look at Forest and (wash my mouth out….) Palace -new British managers, same players, instant return with points on the board……but no, we get more dross brought over from the mother-ship.
    Well I’m afraid this time our little ship will sink in May.

    February 12, 2015
    • The problem with 3 worse teams is one includes Millwall and we have still to play them!

      February 12, 2015
  6. California Addick #

    I think a very confusing time as a supporter and fully understand the argument of negativity. It just feels like the Titanic right now with the Captain going down with his ship. If you don’t voice anything does it make you a better supporter? I don’t know! Sadly the club till now has continued to distance itself from the supporters and so what you are hearing is the only voice the supporters have and our club is no different from any supporter group. IF the players are not performing to their best-maybe deliberately then maybe booing is deserved. If they fight like hell and still lose isn’t that all we could ask? All editorial suggests a number couldn’t care less.

    But again a very confusing time and a test of loyalty for all.

    February 12, 2015
  7. Mike #

    California, more importantly in my opinion, is that RD is not only detroying the club but also some of the young academy players.
    Instead of being used in the 1st team to get experience they are playing an integral and starring part in what is largely below average group of players. The kids will make mistakes, they are bound to as you only learn by making mistakes. But their mistakes could prove to be very costly for the club and I fear that the more they try to avoid mistakes the more that will be made… That can easily destroy a young player & it’s simply not fair to put academy players in that position, particularly when the blame sits with the manager and owner.

    February 12, 2015
    • California Addick #

      Mike an angle I hadn’t thought much about but true. The trouble is what good player would want to come with all this going on? And my sense but guess only he is just not prepared to pay for good players. We had a couple of good useful signings in the summer but none that most of us would deem future Charlton signature marquis players.

      February 12, 2015
      • Precisely why he should have given Peeters the opportunity to improve the squad when we were doing well.

        February 12, 2015
    • Mike, I think that is a very valid point that RD probably has no understanding in. Nick Pope is just one example.

      And as an aside he has as far as I know not invested any money in the academy coaching, and we lost a key figure in Paul Hart.

      The training ground improvements are still no further forward from when RD joined. It looks to me that RD wants young players to step up, thrive, and become sellable assets, but he hasn’t got any reforming strategies around that.

      February 12, 2015
  8. Mark #

    That is indeed a major part of the problem C A – Duchatelet wants to do everything at minimum, or nil, cost!
    No decent player will come to Charlton as long as RD is in charge – simply because he won’t talk to the player’s agent and see them take their cut of the transfer fee. Which is why he thinks that he can move players around his empire – he considers that he ‘owns them’ having transferred them in and he can move them around like chess-pieces on a board. That’s all well and good if you are talking about Ronaldo or Ronaldinho …. sadly we’re not and the players we’re looking at are more like 1st, 2nd division or even Conference standard. We have not as yet seen one player who is even fit enough to play 90 minutes of football straight off….. doesn’t that say it all?

    Charlton’s biggest assets are The Valley and the kids in the Academy. I’ve already said that there is a danger of destroying the confidence of the kids (for that is what they are….). They can only survive in the first team squad if used appropriately, next to established first team players who can offer guidance and help both on and off the pitch. That simply doesn’t exist in the current Charlton squad – Jacko cannot be the leader on the pitch and mentor to all the Academy players on his own!

    At the moment Charlton are a club playing in the most competitive second tier league in the world. The club needs the players who are fit enough and of a high enough standard to play in that league. We simply haven’t got them – because the owner will not pay the money to bring them in. You cannot lose players of the calibre of Yann and Morro and replace them with largely second rate journeymen.
    The door has closed on the last chance to save this club’s season – and the future hangs on the dubious ability of those brought in during the January transfer window. The club may survive if Watt starts scoring goals with Vetokele and the plug is put in place in the porous defence….. IF we do survive this season (which may well hang on how we get on at Wigan and Millwall) unless Duchatelet changes his own policy we’ll be looking down the same barrel again next season. We got away with it by the skin of our teeth last year – and look what thanks Jose Riga got for his efforts – obviously no lesson has been learned in the meantime…. the jury is out on whether or not we’ll get a third chance next season or whether we’ll be in a battle to stop the rot before we drop into division 2.

    Just look at where Pompey are now……

    February 13, 2015
    • California Addick #

      Whatever division you fall too, you rarely keep half your players -mostly the best go- and funds from the league drop. We all saw how long it took to get out of our last free fall. And yes Pompey sadly is a prime example.

      It is interesting I reread today on another site the article written by a Belgian journalist about Luzon just as he had been appointed. It, now a month or so later , puts it all into perspective. A great prophesy sadly

      February 13, 2015

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