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Addicks fan’s public meeting to be held on Feb 18th

From the CAST website:

This meeting is intended to be an opportunity to bring together as many as possible of the various organisational, internet and publication elements of the Charlton family, as well as individual supporters, and to secure the widest possible mandate for any approach we jointly decide to adopt. We will also seek input via the CAS Trust website from those who cannot attend the meeting. Based on conclusions from the meeting, we plan to agree a unified and appropriate supporters’ response at the earliest opportunity.

The meeting will be held at The Woolwich Grand Theatre, 38 Wellington St, SE18 6PE on Wednesday 18th February at 7.30pm. The building is the old ABC cinema (which later became Flamingo’s night club). It is next to the Town Hall.

That is a very sizeable venue, and I hope as many Addicks as possible can make it along. I won’t be there, but my brother will represent my families three generations of support.

Together we got our home back, together we can get our Charlton back.

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  1. ken #

    The trust appreciates what a valuable service you give to the fans abroad.
    This meeting has been called by the trust , and financed by the trust so that all fans of CAFC.
    It is open to ALL fans, and a wide range of supporter’s is expected.

    Get your brother to contact me at the venue.

    Whatever comes out of the event, all CAFC fans need to come together for the future of the club, as they did in the past.
    Hope that followers of this site support the event, and make a contribution, whatever there views. Thanks for your support

    February 8, 2015
  2. LP #

    Hi CA. As you know, I gave up reading all the blogsites except yours when Powell was in charge – but in this latest crisis I have been tempted back. The glass half empty brigade are much in evidence – and I count myself as one of their number. I don’t think there can be a Charlton fan who is not upset by what is going on at our Club, unless they truly don’t understand, and as always there is a difference of opinion as to what can be done about it. One thing that has become very very clear which I dont think anyone can dispute now is that it is the owner who is the problem, not the man on the touchline, not the woman in the office (although you could question why she chooses to work for such a man – and money would seem to be the only answer), and certainly not the players. I say the man on the touchline because whoever it is doesn’t matter – they are a puppet, as is anyone in the administration of the club (if they want to keep their jobs). And I include the players because although I know they are paid a lot of money but I can’t begin to imagine how it must feel having to play for this club right now. By being at our club they have ended up as pawns that a madman can move them around on a whim. Who in their right mind is ever going to want to join us? We rely totally on their professionalism and pride.
    SO, I applaud the Trust for at least trying to do something about it. And I gave myself a good talking to this weekend. If we want to stay in this division then the players and the fans are going to have to do something about it – because no-one else is going to – and all the sniping in the world at whoever happens to be in charge of the team isn’t going to help. This is the time to let the players know that we are behind them, and this is the time for the leaders in the dressing room to step up. This is not the time for booing (and in my book there never is) – yes, let’s make our displeasure of the man at the top known – but for God’s sake let’s get behind the team. No wonder the team don’t want to face the fans – would you? The players we know best – Cousins, Solly, Jackson – we know they are good players given a chance – and Ben Haim has proven his passion. They deserve more from us as fans than they are being given. If we can do anything to change the atmosphere surely it can only help them?

    That’s off my chest now CA – but I found it interesting that there was a question on the website about which game I was most looking forward to this month. They have to be kidding right? But I will be there, doing my utmost not to be negative and to get behind the team. I see so far it is the Huddersfield game. Now I wonder why?

    February 8, 2015

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