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Drum roll…. Roger Johnson!

No new deadline beating signings down at The Valley, oh no, not even a washed up old network jolly that no one else wants.

Who knows what Roly promised Guy Luzon, except for a job at a future date at Újpest, but Luzon said on Saturday that he was anticipating on bringing in two more players, yet we know he has as much clout as Harvey the mascot.

The club stated in September that they would add to the squad if we were still in the play-off race in January. In fact, because of the paper thin quality of the squad, and poor management decisions, we are now in a relegation battle. Meire and Duchatelet have had at least since New Year’s Day to work on additions and what have we got.

We did add a much needed striker in Tony Watt, but he’s yet to start a game, is on his 4th head coach this season and falls into the network misfit category and Luzon prefers to play a winger upfront instead. In the meantime Joe Pigott and George Tucudean joined Reza and Polish Pete out on loan.

We have signed two goalkeepers, Etheridge and Dmitrović, with Nick Pope and Dillon Phillips going out on loan, but now no.1 (he better be no.1) Stephen Henderson is fit to return. We lost the excellent Francis Coquelin, and replaced him with Milos Veljkovic, who sounds efficient and tidy, but has never scored a goal, other than at U18 level.

The big unveiling was of Christophe Lepoint, an exotic name, but he is about as fit as me, and by all accounts on Saturday rivalled Mike Small and Djimi Traore in the worst ever debut category. To be fair it was for only 10 minutes.

Oguchi Onyewu signed until the end of the season, and in the one game he was due to start he got injured in the warm up, and we sold probably the best central defender the club has had in recent history, Michael Morrison for, er, nothing!

We have been crying out for a target man, a creative midfielder and a left winger, not necessary a centre-half as we have four on the books plus Terrell Thomas. Oh, and we sold Michael Morrison, because he was surplus to requirements.

So, who we do sign? A centre-half who has been training with Wolves youth team, after being frozen out by the respected Kenny Jackett, and who last started a first team game over a year ago.

You don’t need to scout a player like Johnson, apparently on 20k a week at Wolves, he is one of the most touted around players in English football.

He might be alright, he brings experience, unfit experience, but why do we need him? And where are the players that Luzon desperately requires to give himself any chance whatsoever?

Nothing from the club of course, but a couple of the local journo’s picked up on the story quite early that we were going to do no business today, but expected to sign a free agent tomorrow. That free agent is meant to be Roger Johnson, who had his contract cancelled by Wolves this evening.

Frankly another depressing day, and for me one where Roland Duchatelet has drawn a line in the sand. He might not tell us anything, but he told me all I needed to know today.

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  1. steve1957 #

    For the first time since I’ve been away I can say I am glad that I don’t currently have a season ticket and am happy that I won’t get to a game this season. Yes, this includes the Championship relegation season. I’ve been prepared to give the network a go, especially as it probably saved Charlton form administration, but I have finally lost patience after the network related events/non-events of yesterday.

    Positives: the loan window opens soon! The club can’t take loans from foreign clubs during the window so no more network players. Charlton probably won’t be on TV again this season so I won’t have any compulsion at all to watch them.

    Please note that I usually refer to Charlton Athletic in the first person, i.e. we. I currently feel so disassociated that it has become the third person for the time being.


    February 2, 2015
  2. CA Addick #

    So landed from Mexico (cruise) this morning after not finding out the Rotherham result until landing in Ensanada Sunday. Sadly about what we expected and the best news is that it didnt screw up my Saturday night.

    And today’s news actually no news is just par, sorry about 10 over par for the course.

    What a depressing time for all Charlton supporters. Maybe a good reason am living 5000 miles away.

    February 2, 2015
  3. Keith Searle #

    I have just written a piece on the Charlton group in LinkedIn and I am afraid my dark thoughts are taking me towards the fact that this owner WANTS us to fail. All the evidence is there once you remove the not unreasonable thought that you buy a football club to succeed.

    Apart from tidying the ground I cannot think of one thing that Ducahalet has done that is good for our club.Some might point to the fact that he “saved” us but as others have argued going into administration is not the worst thing that can happen and many clubs have risen from the ashes with renewed vigour and healthier bank balances.He got our club for a song.

    Since then he has removed every person who might be considered experienced at running a Championship club and left us with an inexperienced and naïve Chief Officer in charge.He treats us, his customers with disdain, ships his failed coaches into shore things up for a while and removes any players that are likely to make us a success..As you say in this blog the players he recruits are little better than the failed, hopeless and wounded jetsom of the league

    Just why you would want to drive an investment into the ground is beyond me but if he is giving a great impression of doing so.So what is his game? What can he possibly want do with a piece of real estate and a football club in South London?

    February 3, 2015
  4. Frank #

    His philosophy seems to be that the fewer people remaining interested in the club, the fewer there will be to argue with him. However the only course left open to the diehard fans now is to boycott the club and use our experience in these matters to highlight the ruination of the club through media and political channels.

    February 3, 2015
  5. Anon #

    I wonder who authorised and is behind the signing of Roger Johnson? I can’t imagine the network have been keeping tabs and tracking this player. And the need for his playing position is very questionable, Are the words free or unfit the only criteria that needs to be met now to join our club. Or perhaps they tried for others and players just don’t want to come. I can’t see our better youngsters wanting to stay. I questioned Diego Poyet’s loyalty when he bailed, but you can now clearly see his point, smart kid or dad who’s been around the block?

    February 3, 2015
  6. confidentialrick #

    KS says “What can he possibly want to do with a piece of real estate and a football club in South London”..Well two things spring to mind 1/ Elaborate Tax-loss scheme for the Roland D empire or 2/ Designer flats in an area of increasing property values. Surely not…?

    February 3, 2015
  7. Anon #

    Seriously, I don’t think either plausible, tax loss is in the realms of money laundering. As for real estate, he’s already spent quite a few mil, on the grounds and a change of use from a 150 yr, old tradition is not going to happen easily, big risk.
    I think he’s just thrown his toys (CAFC) out when the Fair Play rules went Pete Tong and has lost interest when his master plan was thwarted. So many of us have tried to understand this man’s motives because he has some credibility because he’s a self made rich person. My theory is he’s no business dragon and that he’s just plain bonkers.

    February 3, 2015
  8. VFF #

    The pitch was apparently part funded by the sale of Stephens and Kermogant. It is an exageration to say that Duchatelet has spent millions on the ground for what is really a bit of maintenance.

    Why is Duchatelet alienating a sizeable amount of the clubs support through lack of communication and totally incompetent football decisions ? That is not easy to reason. If Duchatelet feels that his clubs need to be self financing then that does not bode well for Charlton with a relegation to League One with the much reduced income . If everything continues to go expensively wrong, then Duchatelet may be tempted to cash in on some real estate of the Valley.

    I would say that all those supporters not renewing their season tickets or planning not to return keep an eye on Duchatelet at Charlton and his ‘plans’ for the future.


    February 3, 2015
  9. LP #

    But thanks to the Trust he can’t just sell the ground can he?

    February 3, 2015
  10. Anon #

    It’s all conjecture, but I thought he was investing in Sparrows Lane as well, what happened there, I remember seeing some plans. But re; the Valley anything big time like that would have to get past the Council change of use. He’s the owner but it’s a long established football ground and the Council consider it to be what it is, an important community club and asset. Surely relocation is the only way to swing that big time. “Cashing in on some” maybe possible and we know that ground redevelopment might be a good thing if the money is reinvested directly back into the club rather than it just being asset stripped.

    February 3, 2015

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