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Beyond parody

If only the makers of Spitting Image were still about, they would have an absolute field day with Roland Duchatelet and his crazy network of puppets characters…. actually I think I was right first time….

Is this really for real? Someone please wake me from this very strange dream I am having.

Standard, who won yesterday in an eventful game at bottom place Lierse, have already fired Guy Luzon and Duchatelet appointed his number two Ivan Vukomanovic in November.

Vukomanovic had improved Les Rouches league position a lot since the dark riot infested days of Luzon. The Serbian had won 7 of Standard’s 11 games since being in charge, but they are still struggling to make the Jupiler League’s crazy play-off system.

Riga has been sacked twice by Duchatelet previously and oversaw the debacle at Blackpool and was publicly upset at the way he was treated by the Belgian matriarch after he rescued the Addicks from relegation, only to be shown the revolving door.

It does make you wonder if Duchatelet finds Riga suitable for one of his ‘children,’ why and earth did he not bring him back to The Valley?

Anyway I’m off to put a fiver on Ivan Vukomanovic being The Valley boss before the season is out!

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  1. LP #

    As you may recall CA I was inches away from not renewing this season, and how I bloody wish I hadn’t been talked into it. Like the others on the last post I am a long-term supporter and I won’t be going away completely – ever – but I am absolutely not renewing all the time this man is destroying my club. I was delighted the north stand have finally got it – their chanting of Riga’s name seconds after Powell left made me physically sick – so to hear them on Saturday ironically cheered me up. And although I really don’t like what I have heard about Loozer its not really his fault is it? As it wasn’t Peeters, or Riga’s or Powells. With this man running the club it matters not who gets the title of Head Coach – they are not in charge in any way.
    I am so angry that this stupid little Belgian is ruining what is a large part of my life. As for Riga – what the hell is he doing? He must be as mad as his boss.

    February 2, 2015
  2. LP #

    Oh, oh, oh – just read Patrick Collins’ article in the Mail on Sunday – now that bought a tear to the eye.

    February 2, 2015

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