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Charlton Athletic 1 Rotherham United 1

The apathy, you can feel it running pretty deep amongst Addicks at the moment. The 2nd lowest Valley league crowd this season (despite a healthy Rotherham following) had to endure a much needed 3 points snatched away from them in injury time as Guy Luzon substituted a forward and put another defender on to entice pressure.

Sat in my car with my phone in my hand, the probability of that happening was about as obvious as night following day.

I am willing to give Roland Duchâtelet until Monday night then I might have a right old paddy.

The Valley crowd did get to see a first league goal since Boxing Day, from Jordan Cousins, but there didn’t appear to be any demonstration of an increased desire or the need to impress the new boss.

One shot on goal according to the stats, five defensive players on the bench, the Covered End singing to Luzon “you don’t know what you’re doing,” Lepoint confirming that he is not up to The Championship, at least yet, and the players running through the motions. Spreading like a disease. Apathy. It’s depressing.

Did anyone see any small shoots of recovery?

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Around The Championship: Focused solely on the bottom now. Millwall won at Forest, their first win in 9 games, Blackpool beat Brighton 1-0, the Tangerines second successive home win, Wigan drew 0-0 at Ipswich and Leeds won at Huddersfield and my best wishes to Tommy Smith, who was taken by air ambulance to hospital.

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  1. LePoint made the goal for Cousins…

    January 31, 2015
  2. David #

    Swerved the game today Chicago, at the last minute due to being cold and wet and the thought of suffering yet another 90 minutes of unremitting shite. After 53 years, first match FA Cup v Derby County, January 1962, I have just lost the motivation to make the short journey to The Valley from my home in the moment.
    I followed the game on Charlton Life and was jumping up and down when we scored, but the bizarre, late substitution with a few minutes to go, I feared, and expected the worse.
    I love Charlton, and always will. They have been there for most of my life, but as long as the myopic Roly and his Puss in Boots in the boardroom continue to rip the heart and soul out of our club, in which they have no more than a passing interest , and most of the players (and managers / coaches) who pass through a revolving door in and out of Harvey Gardens, then I really do have better things to do with my Saturday afternoons and my hard earned cash.

    Let me just give you a few names from the promotion winning team of 40 years ago, Tutt. Bowman, Giles, Warman, Hales, Powell, Flanagan and the late, great Bob Curtis. Those players gave everything, every week for Charlton’ Unlike today’s bunch of overpaid, over rated bunch of chancers, ( Solly. JJ and Callum, obviously not included).

    Very, very pissed off in Bexley.

    January 31, 2015
    • David,

      I am sat here with the last glass of Barolo. Our dinner guests have gone, I have stuck the dishwasher on, and I have just read your post. Heartbreaking isn’t it? I am also a 40-year Addick although my Dad took my the year after we were promoted. All those names you mention, I smiled at each one. Memories. Not bcause they were the best players in the world (except Paddy of course), but because they gave a shit. They made more in a week than my Dad did in 10, but they were as proud to wear the shirt as I was telling my mates who I supported in the playground.

      I used to wait for them in the Valley Club, a Saturday night treat for me and my brother, a coke and chicken in a basket, and I would wait for the team to return from a far flung place, and they would to a man come in have a pint and chat to the fans, they were proper blokes, and they gave a shit.

      I don’t ever remember in 40 years how I have felt in the last 2 weeks. I have truly not given a shit. If we lost, if we scored. What has this Belgium bloke done to me? Why is he ripping the heart out of the club, the community, the tradition, diluting the passion.

      I know the world, the game has changed, players are paid fortunes, they have names so long and complicated that it is impossible to create a song for them. I get all that, I live and work in an ever changing environment, but the one thing that has never changed is my love for Charlton Athletic FC. Players, managers, owners come and go. We have been through hell and back as Addicks, yet there we were back next week (or regularly flying across the Atlantic at great expense) because we gave a shit.

      I thank Roland Duchatelet for saving us from adminstration (although I think this is always overstated, and never did Southampton any harm), but he has no right now to do what he bloody wants. That is not his right. He doesn’t ‘own’ my club, we do. He is just a custodian, guardian. Looking after the tradtion that I want my son to convince his children that it is something to treasure as part of life.

      I have asked since day one on these pages. What are his long term goals, his objectives, his part in Charlton’s history? He may have bought the club, but he can’t buy us, and we are everything he has got. Without us he is a network database of nobodies not fit to tie Bob Curtis’ boots.


      February 1, 2015
  3. Raith C Chattonell #

    RD has supplied financial stability to our club and I see the argument of that success. However, he has also managed to import a huge swathe of disenchantment.

    English professional football has been going for 125 years and yet this man who has no love or feeling for the game whatsoever claims to have a better way? He steadfastly by-passes any English talent – preferring to fall back on SL rejects and a clutch of minor European clubs – clubs that can’t hold a candle to our championship level of football.

    I fear that even if the system starts to kick on we will be consigned to mediocrity at best. Players will continue to be shipped in and out and the best young players sold on to balance the books of Roland’s football factory.

    I don’t think the man is for turning, KM has clearly stated ‘RD will do it his way and we need to get used to it’, His dictatorial attitude does not sit comfortably with the English psyche.

    For me the network is like the re-discovery of the Beagle 2 Mars space probe. We can all see exactly where its at, but no one can get the bugger to work.

    February 1, 2015
  4. ken #

    I had to check twice that I had posted that last posting myself…… Perhaps there must be something in the air in Bexley Village these days, I real do not know? I sat with ‘glass half full’ yesterday, a lovely fellow, a true supporter, and far more loyal than me to CAFC.( He even sent KM a bunch of flowers after the ‘train incident’ to just give her a smile on that Monday morning,) that not all CAFC supporters want to storm the boardroom, demand that we select the players, and sign super star players. I myself, do no think that KM or RD have been sent to destroy the spirit and values of CAFC. There failure to me is to explain what the business plan is, and to work with supportive fan’s to help the club, inform the fan’s and simply enjoy the football.
    Wether it be my work as a trustee of the museum, my work for the trust, or simply being a fan, it is never been harder for me to support the club, that me and my family have done for years.

    The club highlight yesterday was the list of names…….like March 51……. the last name was my great grandfather’s brother William, buried last October with 14 other first world war soldiers,who lost there lives in the first world war, and were found 4 years ago, machine gunned down. He was interned with full military honours. He went to serve his country, and died in Belgium. He just did his bit, and I was proud to see his name added to the list that he had not been ‘lost’, forgotten or ignored. Thank you Charlton for that.

    Charlton still do some things right, not may to me, but as depressed as I am I will not loose the faith……… frankly I do not have a choice, it is in my DNA, Charlton will always be my team. Perhaps RD might one day realise that one day. It really is more than just a football club.

    February 1, 2015

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